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Savings Accounts

It depends on your savings goals. You can see all of our traditional savings accounts in our Savings Account comparison chart. If you're looking to save money for college or prepare for retirement, check out our College Savings Account and Retirement Account comparison charts. Whether you have $100 or $10,000 to save, we have an account that can help you reach your savings goals.
The minimum opening deposit for our Regular Savings account is $100, and with our e.savings account, it's as low as $25. To find opening deposit requirements on other accounts, just check out our Savings Account comparison chart.
Interest is compounded daily and paid monthly. Note: Interest rates may change daily.
An e.savings account offers a competitive interest rate on low account balances and is a great option for first-time savers or anyone who wants convenient access to their money while it earns interest. Best of all, you can open your e.savings account at your convenience, anytime, online.

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