Visa Debit Card

The fast and secure way to pay


Open a checking account to get a First Citizens Visa® debit card.


Automatically deduct each transaction from your checking account.


Set up security alerts to notify you of suspicious transactions.

A debit card with great benefits

Liability protection

Get protection from unauthorized transactions with the Visa Zero Liability Policy.D

Exclusive discounts

Enjoy shopping with exclusive Visa discounts.

Pay with your phone

Add your Visa debit card to your Digital Wallet to make payments using your preferred mobile device.

Convenient online banking

Keep track of your finances and control your budget with Digital Banking.


People often ask us

Yes. You can use your debit or ATM card to make deposits, transfers and withdrawals up to the regulatory limit.

Yes. Your available balance immediately reflects your ATM and debit card deductions. However, they won't appear in your transaction history until the next business day's postings.

Open your Google Pay app and tap Cards. Tap the card you want to make your default and tap Set as default.

Funds deposited using Mobile Check Deposit will generally be made available within 3 business days from the day of deposit. However, availability of funds deposited may be delayed for a longer period under certain circumstances. Deposits received and accepted by 9 pm ET on a business day we are open is considered to be received that day. Deposits received after 9 pm ET will be received on the next business day.

Deposits are subject to verification and will not be available for immediate withdrawal. Deposits made using Mobile Check Deposit are not subject to the funds availability requirements of Regulation CC.

You can find your routing number by selecting the state you opened your account.

You can also find your bank account numbers on checks or in Digital Banking.

On checks

Your bank routing number is listed as the first sequence of numbers at the bottom left corner of your personal checks—typically a 9-digit number. If you have a business account, the routing number will follow the 6-digit check number at the bottom of your checks. Routing numbers are often referred to as check routing numbers, ABA numbers or routing transit numbers (RTN). Routing numbers may vary by the location where your account was opened and the type of transaction made. Have your routing number handy when reordering checks, setting up direct deposits, making electronic payments and transferring funds.

Your bank account number is listed as the second sequence of numbers at the bottom left corner of your personal checks—typically a 12-digit number. If you have a business account, the account number is also typically a 12-digit number.

In Digital Banking

Your routing and full account numbers can be viewed in Digital Banking. Select the account you want to see, then look for the account details section and select View Routing and Account Numbers.

Account openings are subject to bank approval.

Visa's Zero Liability Policy covers fraudulent purchases and payments on the Visa network made by others without your authorization using your consumer debit card. You must report unauthorized purchases made by others using your card promptly. Provisional credit will be given while we investigate your claim. Please consult our Deposit Account Agreement for information on unauthorized transactions.

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