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CIT Rail maintains one of the youngest, most diversified railcar and locomotive fleets in the industry. We have deep experience in providing attractive railcar leasing and equipment financing solutions to rail shippers and carriers. Our solutions free up capital for your growth priorities, increase efficiencies and reduce out-of-service time.

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As a top lessor in North America, we offer one of the most diverse and efficient fleets of railcars and locomotives. Our rail equipment includes flatcars, box cars, tank cars, locomotives and covered hoppers.

Covered hopper railcars

Covered hopper railcars come in a range of sizes from small (3,200 cubic feet) to jumbo (6,580 cubic feet) and are used to transport a variety of food grade or non-food grade dry bulk commodities.

Used to transport: Agricultural products, dry chemicals, fertilizer, cement, sand and aggregates

Pressure differential railcars

Pressure differential railcars are used for transporting fine or dry bulk materials with the ability to load or unload using regulated air pressure to contain product. Our fleet includes cars in multiple sizes.

Used to transport: Cement, fly ash, clay, flour, starches, meal and lime


Centerbeams are specialized railcars used to transport lumber and building products. These can have risers or be riserless.

Used to transport: Lumber, dimensional lumber, building materials and wallboard


Autoracks are specialized railcars used to transport new vehicles from factories to automotive distributors.

Used to transport: Automobiles, SUVs and light trucks

Gondola railcars

Mill gondola railcars can have low or high­-sided walls and are used to transport heavy industrial products and waste. The most common sizes are 52' and 66'. Coil gondolas are used to transport steel coils and can be covered or uncovered.

Used to transport: Steel coils, plates and beams, scrap metal and loose bulk materials

Plastic pellet railcars

Plastic pellet cars transport several different types of plastic pellets and are available in multiple sizes.

Used to transport: Polypropylene, polyethylene, polyvinylchloride and polystyrene

Coal cars

As the name implies, coal cars are perfect for transporting coal. We offer several types of coal cars such as rapid discharge hoppers and coal gondolas.

Used to transport: Coal, aggregates and loose bulk minerals

Tank cars

Tank cars are available in multiple capacities with various safety features. Our general-purpose tank car fleet ranges from 23.5K-gallon to 31K-gallon capacity. We also offer specialized options such as pressurized tank cars.

Used to transport: Liquid commodities such as food products, crude oil, chemicals, petrochemicals, fertilizers, ethanol and refined products


Boxcars are specially designed railcars with the ability to transport a variety of cargo. Designs can have multiple types of doors and are typically 50', 60' or refrigerated.

Used to transport: Paper products, forest products, finished goods and consumer packaged goods

We also lease

Open-top hopper railcars

Open-top hoppers are similar to gondolas but include gates for unloading product.

Used to transport: Ores, minerals, coal and other materials that don't require protection from the environment


Flatcars are specially designed, intermodal railcars used to transport very long or heavy products.

Used to transport: Lumber, steel pipes or beams

SW1500 Locomotive

The SW1500 locomotive is a 1500 hp end-cab switch engine. Its small wheel base makes it an excellent choice for yard operation and local switching where tight curves and switches are the norm.

EMD SD9043AC Locomotive

The SD9043AC locomotive is a 4300 hp six-axle road locomotive built by EMD in 2000, ideal for heavy haul service. Equipped with the reliable and proven EMD 710 series prime mover, it's a perfect fit for high tonnage service.

SD60 Locomotive

The SD60 locomotive is a 3800 hp six-axle road locomotive, suited for heavy haul service. Equipped with the proven 710 series prime mover, the SD60 is fuel efficient and reliable.

EMD SD40-2 Locomotive

The EMD SD40-2 locomotive is a 3000 hp road unit equipped with the tried and true 645E3 prime mover. The SD40-2 is an excellent mainline road unit with the tractive effort and horsepower required for heavy haul service.

EMD SD38 Locomotive

The SD38 locomotive is a 2000 hp six-axle road switcher built by EMD. It's ideally suited for road service where track speed is less than 25 mph. The naturally aspirated 645E prime mover makes it reliable in switching service.

EMD GP38-2 Locomotive

The GP38-2 locomotive is a 2000 hp four-axle road switcher built by EMD. The reliability and versatility provided by the GP38-2 allows for ease of use both on the road and in the yard.

EMD GP20D Locomotive

The GP20D locomotive is a 2000 hp four-axle road switcher built by EMD in 2001. Thanks to the EM2000 control system, the starting tractive effort is in excess of an SD40 and along with its dynamic brakes is capable of mainline duties.

EMD GP15D Locomotive

The GP15D locomotive is a 1500 hp four-axle road switcher built by EMD in 2001. The EM2000 control system provides excellent tractive effort and the self-diagnostics provide ease of use for the mechanical department.

GE AC4400CW Locomotive

The AC4400CW locomotive is a 4400 hp six-axle road locomotive built by GE in 2004—ideal for heavy haul service. It's equipped with distributed power and is well suited for pulling fast freight service or heavy-haul drag freights.

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