ach receivables

Receive payments that are fast and secure


Create single and recurring A/R receipts from ACH transactions.

Fewer Returns

Reduce the number of returned checks.

Get Paid Fast

Receive your payments faster and reduce float.


Fast and secure


Allow customers to quickly and easily make payments, providing convenience while reducing their costs.

Better forecasting

Improve cash outlook and create better cash flow.

Detailed reporting

Provide detailed reporting for any transaction returned or incorrect information sent.

Helpful resources

Automatic drafting FAQ

Frequently asked questions for ACH Automatic Drafting.

National ACH website

Get the latest news, events and education for all things ACH-related on

how it works

Simplify your receipts

ACH Receivables is a secure and convenient way for your business or customers, in any industry,  to electronically receive bill payments.


Obtain authorization from customers or employees to debit their account.


Initiate drafts through Digital Banking, Business Online Banking (BOB) Advantage®, or directly using Financial Data Exchange in batches or as a single item.


We process drafts to the designated financial institution, debiting your customer’s account.


We credit your account for the draft the day we receive the funds.

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See how it works

View how easy it is to use BOB Advantage for submitting your ACH transactions with our guided demo.

First Citizens Business Online Banking or BOB Advantage provides secure, 24/7 access to your accounts along with easy-to-use features to help you manage your business. Let's take a closer look at how BOB Advantage makes it simple to manage your business finances. To maintain the highest level of security available, First Citizens leverages a multi-layer security approach and provides advanced online verification tools to protect your business against viruses and other malware.

In addition to providing easy access to your accounts, messages and alerts, BOB Advantage’s intuitive interface allows you to quickly navigate to all the great tools and features available online. You can customize your home page to display just the information that's important to you and change the layout to meet your needs.

BOB Advantage also gives you the freedom to set up individual user preferences as well as choose which account alerts you would like to receive and how you would like to receive them.

For ease and simplicity, BOB Advantage provides a consolidated view of your accounts with the ability to navigate down to individual accounts. BOB Advantage’s account balance feature provides a summary view of all of your accounts on a single screen including deposit accounts, loans and lines of credit. You can navigate easily between previous day and intraday account information including your current available balance as well as view pending ACH and wire transactions and submit an inquiry, if needed.

Locating specific transactions is fast and hassle-free using the integrated transaction search engine that displays results complete with front and back check images. View up to 13 months of transaction history for any account with just a few clicks. Then export the results in your desired format, such as QuickBooks or BAI2. Viewing an account statement is just as simple. At any time you can print or save a copy for your records. With BOB Advantage, you can quickly transfer funds between your accounts on a one-time or recurring basis. Detailed information for all completed transfers is available in your transfer summary. When you're not sure if a check has been paid, use the check inquiry function to find out. If needed, you can request a stop payment by filling out the streamlined form.

Company administrators enjoy instant access to administrative tools that make it simple to add new users, grant permissions and manage all other company services from one secure location.

BOB Advantage also enables you to help prevent check fraud with positive pay, manage exceptions quickly and efficiently. With the click of a button, you can upload a check issue file that you've prepared or use BOB Advantage to build a file. Monitoring and approving pending ACH transactions has never been easier. Using the point-and-click menus, you can review exceptions and submit pay or return decisions with the option to add a recurring authorization to automatically approve future payments.

BOB Advantage also makes it simple to create and generate a wide variety of balance and transaction reports with the ability to export them in several formats. Create and send ACH payments, such as payroll and automatic drafts, by uploading NACHA-compatible files or create a new ACH transaction with BOB advantages integrated ACH batch.

For your convenience, BOB Advantage supports both state and federal tax payments. Designed to accommodate all of your business banking needs, BOB Advantage allows you to view create and send US or international wires, as well as billed wire templates to facilitate frequently occurring payments. You can also view completed cash concentration transactions and create new deposits or disbursements to various locations on the fly.

BOB Advantage from First Citizens makes managing your business easier than ever before. To learn more, contact us today.

Business Digital Banking

Manage your business on the go

Manage your accounts from anywhere

Send and transfer money using ACH and wires

Receive account and security alerts

Business Digital Banking

Manage your business on the go

Manage your accounts from anywhere

Business Digital Banking

Manage your business on the go

Send and transfer money using ACH and wires

Business Digital Banking

Manage your business on the go

Receive account and security alerts

Remote Image Deposit

Deposit money from anywhere

Deposit checks remotely for faster processing and extended deposit hours.
Business Rewards Visa

Earn more from your business

Make business purchases count with bonus points.

People often ask us

As part of your ACH Agreement with First Citizens, you're required to stay abreast of industry changes. We recommend you become a member of your local ACH Regional Association (E Pay Resources on the east coast) or reference for ACH rules changes. Often, when changes occur that significantly affect your ability to originate your ACH file (payroll, taxes etc.), a notice will be posted on BOB Advantage.

You must receive authorization from your employees or customers to obtain the information needed to deposit funds into their checking and savings accounts for payroll, employee expense reimbursement, government benefits, taxes, other refunds, annuities and interest payments. Please reference the National ACH website (Section VII Appendices) for Sample Authorization for Direct Deposit through ACH (Credits) for more information.

The ACH Return Resolution report information is available and accessible through the Business Online Banking Advantage® (BOB Advantage®) by choosing the "Reporting" section. The Return Resolution report is a critical part of being able to process our Direct Deposits. On a daily basis, these reports will detail any transaction that was returned to you and you have not received your credit. It will also show any account information that has changed or is no longer valid. To access the report, select either the Standard or Custom ACH Report option located under Bank Reporting on the Account Management Reports page. Your Return Resolution and Notification of Change Reports are accessible for 14 calendar days.

Yes. A Pre-note transaction may be submitted as a test. A Pre-note is a zero dollar transaction with unique transaction codes. Its intention is to verify both the transit routing and account number of a transaction. If either is incorrect, you'll be notified by a Return Resolution Report. It's recommended that you initiate a Pre-note transaction 3 days in advance of a live dollar transaction for first-time accounts.

Yes. To ensure items post in a timely manner to reach the receivers account for posting, we should receive:

  • ACH Credit files (for Direct Deposit) at least 2 business days in advance of the effective (deposit or payroll) date
  • ACH Debit files (for Automatic Drafting) at least 1 business day in advance of the effective (due) date

All ACH transactions submitted prior to 10 pm ET will be processed at First Citizens the same day for the delivery to your customer’s bank. Transactions submitted after 10 pm ET will be processed at First Citizens for delivery to your customer’s bank the next business day.

  • If you send your Direct Deposit transaction the same day the payment is due (effective), your employees will not have access to their funds on time.
  • If you send your Automatic Draft transaction the same day the payment is due (effective), you'll not receive your deposit until the next day (settlement day).
  • Same day ACH transaction processing is available for same-day settlement.

Normal bank approval applies.  

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