Fraud Prevention

Shield your business accounts from financial misdeeds


Receive alerts on all types of transactions.


Block unauthorized or unrecognized withdrawals.


Protection to match any account activity level.

Let us help you stay vigilant

A broad array of security tools

On the electronic payment front, our ACH Positive Pay (formerly ACH Monitor) offers a variety of protective options, all designed to shield your funds from online thieves. In addition to restricting the types of transactions you'll accept, we'll also let you know about any suspicious activity.

Keeping an eye out for you

To counter fraudulent check activity, we offer programs with constant monitoring of your company's accounts. By requiring confirmation of the validity of any checks you cut, both programs shrink the chances that you'll be contending with a bogus payment down the road.

Remote Image Deposit

Deposit money from anywhere

Deposit checks remotely for faster processing and extended deposit hours.
Business Rewards Visa

Earn more from your business

Make business purchases count with bonus points.

Normal bank approval applies.  

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