Commercial Image Cash Letter

Securely transmit deposit files

Our Commercial Image Cash Letter service enables you to use your existing imaging infrastructure to capture the images of both business and consumer checks and transmit them to First Citizens for processing.


With Commercial Image Cash Letter, you simply collect the checks for deposit, scan them and transmit them to First Citizens for clearing, using our secure online file transfer system.

Your business will:
  • Save time and money — No more shipping your checks to the branch or processing center. Just transmit your deposit file online when it's ready.
  • Increase productivity — With the increased speed and added convenience of paperless check deposits, your staff will have more time to allocate to other important tasks.


With Commercial Image Cash Letter, your business can securely transmit a deposit file to First Citizens. Once we've received and processed your deposit, an email confirmation will be sent to you.

Implementation Assistance

An experienced specialist will work with you to help you select the best connectivity option as well as provide you with file specifications. We will also assist you with developing and testing the right format for your Commercial Image Cash Letter transmissions.

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