Fixed-Rate Mortgages

Lock in the security of an unchanging mortgage rate

Application Requirements

Qualify for a fixed-rate home loan

Create an account in our online application platform. Here's what you'll need to apply for a fixed-rate mortgage.

  • Social Security number
  • Employer contact information
  • Estimated income, assets and liabilities
  • Details on the property you're interested in buying

Secure, flexible and simple

Financial security

Don't worry about your payment increasing and breaking your budget.

Locked-in rate

The interest rate is set in stone on day 1 of your mortgage term.

Pay over the long term

Take up to 30 yearsD to pay off your fixed-rate mortgage.

Get assistance

If you're eligible for down payment assistance, you may be able to make a lower lump sum payment.

Homeowner Insurance

Keep your home and your family safe

Get the right homeowners insurance to meet your family's needs.
Auto Insurance

Protect all your vehicles

Find the right combination of coverage for your vehicle and its passengers.

Normal credit approval applies.

Not applicable in all states.

An example of a typical extension of credit is as follows: As of ${date-today} an amount financed of $400,000 at a term of 360 months with an annual percentage rate of 3.875% would result in 360 equal monthly principal and interest payments of $1,880.95.

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