ACH Monitor

Protect your accounts — and your business — from electronic fraud

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ACH Monitor helps to protect your business accounts from electronic fraud by blocking and returning any ACH (Automated Clearing House) transactions not authorized by you.

Benefits of First Citizens ACH Monitor Services:

  • Monitor your accounts for potentially fraudulent ACH transactions
  • Block particular types of transactions that you did not authorize
  • Manage cash flow by viewing and approving ACH transactions before they post to your account
  • Receive proactive notifications of suspicious ACH activity
  • Three options to safeguard your account: Filter, Block and SEC Filter

ACH Monitor Filter

Use Business Online Banking Advantage® to review pending Prepaid Deposit (PPD) or Cash Concentration and Disbursement (CCD) transactions that are exceptions to your predefined authorizations. If you have an exception, you can determine whether to allow the transaction to Pay or Return to the Originator each day up until 3:30 p.m. Eastern time. Any other transaction types other than Prepaid Deposits or Cash Concentration Disbursements are automatically returned. ACH Monitor Filter also allows you to add preauthorized transactions to pay automatically. You can review reports online through Business Online Banking Advantage to view all exceptions, transactions paid and automatic returns.

ACH Monitor Block

Automatically blocks and returns all ACH debit and/or credit transactions that attempt to post to your business account.

ACH Monitor SEC Filter

Allows you to automatically block only those ACH transactions that you request with specific ACH Standard Entry Class codes, like Web-based payments (WEB), telephone based payments (TEL) or international payments (IAT) from posting to your business account. Any Standard Entry Class other than what you authorized is automatically returned. You can review reports online through Business Online Banking Advantage to view all exceptions and what transactions were automatically returned.
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