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Monitor accounts against potentially fraudulent transactions.

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Block any unauthorized transactions.

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Receive proactive notifications against suspicious activity.

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Take a tour of how ACH Positive Pay (formerly ACH Monitor) for Digital Banking and Business Online Banking (BOB) Advantage® works.

Automated Clearing House transactions, such as credits for direct deposit or pre-authorized debits, offer a convenient way for businesses to receive and send payments.

But the ACH system can also be used for fraud. Even if your business doesn't generate ACH transactions, your accounts are still at risk. If a criminal has your bank routing number and account number, that's all they need to commit fraud, and both of these numbers are on your checks.

For example, Tom's business hires a maintenance provider and pays by check and the check payment clears the next month using his ACH service. The maintenance provider fraudulently debits Tom's business account and the ACH clears 3 days later. When Tom notices something is wrong, the maintenance provider can't be reached because they're no longer in business. It's only been 3 days but it's already too late.

While consumers have significant protections in the banking system, the rules for businesses are different. For ACH transactions, businesses only have 1 day after posting to notify the bank of fraud. After that, it can be difficult or impossible to recover the funds. At this point Tom has to file a fraud claim with the bank and work through the tedious process of securing a compromised account.

How can you protect your accounts and prevent fraud from negatively impacting your business?

First Citizens Bank ACH Positive Pay (formerly ACH Monitor) Service is here to help. With ACH Positive Pay. Tom automatically receives an email alert when the maintenance provider attempts the unauthorized ACH debit. He logs in to Business Online Banking Advantage where he can review the item and choose to pay or return it.

For added convenience, Tom has the flexibility to pre-authorized recurring debits for vendors such as the electric provider cable company as well as for tax payments.

As the transactions clear, Tom can authorize an exact or maximum amount for that same vendor to debit his account in the future. This way he'll only receive an email alert when an unauthorized item or amount is presented.

Tom also has the option to use First Citizens ACH Block, which ensures all unauthorized items are automatically returned without review.

Save time and money, protect your business and safeguard your accounts from fraud with First Citizens

ACH Positive Pay.

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Take control

Protect accounts

Choose from several account protection options.

Handle cash flow

Manage cash flow by viewing and approving transactions before they post.

More options

Safeguard your account with filter, block and SEC Filter options.


Protect your accounts

We provide several ACH Positive Pay services to help you block and return any unauthorized electronic (ACH) transactions.


Review ACH transactions within BOB Advantage or Digital Banking to decide whether to pay the transaction and allow it to post to your account or reject and have it returned to the originator.

SEC Filter

Block only those ACH transactions that you request with specific ACH Standard Entry Class (SEC) codes from posting to your business account.


Available in BOB Advantage, automatically block and return all ACH debit and credit transactions that attempt to post to your business account.

Business Digital Banking

Manage your business on the go

Manage your accounts from anywhere

Send and transfer money using ACH and wires

Receive account and security alerts

Business Digital Banking

Manage your business on the go

Manage your accounts from anywhere

Business Digital Banking

Manage your business on the go

Send and transfer money using ACH and wires

Business Digital Banking

Manage your business on the go

Receive account and security alerts

Business Digital Banking

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