Commercial Analysis Accounts

Aggregate your deposit accounts into a single relationship

Commercial Analysis Accounts combine your deposit accounts into a single relationship, with all features of the accounts working together for your benefit. Our Analysis portfolio includes two accounts designed for businesses with high activity levels or with a need to manage cash more effectively.

The foundation of these accounts is simple: Based on balances maintained across multiple accounts, you receive an earnings credit that can offset a portion or all service charges that accrue for each statement period. Commercial Analysis Accounts also enhance your ability to keep track of the funding activities for various aspects of your business, like payroll, savings, daily operations and risk management.

Analysis Business Checking

  • Low monthly maintenance fee
  • The way to go for many businesses with a moderate to high number of transactions and a need for varied Business & Treasury services to manage cash flow and optimize earning
  • A non-interest bearing account with only a $100 minimum deposit required to open

Business Checking with Interest

  • The perfect account for sole proprietors, for-profit companies and nonprofit organizations that want to earn interest on their funds and have a moderate to high number of transactions each month
  • An interest-bearing account with only a $100 minimum deposit required when opening the account
  • Interest paid on daily collected funds, compounded daily and credited monthly

All Analysis Accounts offer:

  • Monthly fee offset by account balances; correlation of multiple accounts
  • Earnings credit rate for maintaining higher balances
  • Detailed monthly analysis statement to easily monitor account activity
  • Treasury Services to help cut costs, improve cash flow and simplify accounting
  • All services offered with every business checking account:

$21 monthly maintenance fee

Minimum opening deposit: $100

Per item fees:
  • $0.20 per debit/check paid
  • $0.90 per paper deposit
  • $0.40 per electronic deposit
  • $0.15 per item deposited — In-State/Out-of-state/Government/On-Us

Deposit Protection Fee (per $1,000 average daily ledger balance maximum $50.00 per account): $0.12

To open an account, talk with your local Financial Services Representative