Documentary Collections

The support you need for doing business in today’s global economy

When the potential risks of international transactions don’t justify the costs of a letter of credit, consider documentary collections. Less expensive than letters of credit, documentary collections may enhance your competitive position in buying or selling goods internationally.


  • Prompt notification when documents are received
    • Complete customs clearance quicker
    • Avoid demurrage (charges for shipping or unloading delays)
  • Option to have documents mailed directly to customs broker
    • Get quicker clearance and possession of goods
    • Save time and gain peace of mind


  • Status of payment is automatically traced at scheduled intervals
    • Never have to request a tracer for late payments
    • Receive quicker payment
  • Prompt notification when payment is received
    • Get immediate access to collected funds
    • Improve your cash flow
  • “Direct collections” option for established clients
    • Send shipping documents directly to the importer’s bank
    • Reduce costs and receive faster service