CD-ROM Check Imaging

Full visibility into your business finances — past and present

CD-ROM Check Imaging enables you to search and sort your canceled checks quickly and efficiently, so you can be more productive in handling your accounts. Your monthly encrypted CD also includes a PDF image of your account bank statement.

Benefits of the Encrypted CD-ROM Check Image Service

  • Provides long-term storage of your bank statement and check information
  • Reduces storage space — one CD holds more than 10,000 images of paid checks
  • Expedites research for customer or vendor inquiries
  • Makes it easier to research checks for audits and other business needs

How the Service Works

  • Encrypted CDs are offered weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually
  • View PDF image of your bank statement on your monthly CD
  • Search and sort by account number, dollar amount, posting date or check serial number
  • View and print images of paid checks
  • Index your CD to catalog check images
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