Business Sweep Accounts1

Get the most out of every dollar

Maximize your interest income by sweeping funds from your checking account into an overnight investment vehicle1. After credits and debits have been processed and target balance requirements are met, the remaining collected balances — in $1,000 increments — are invested in one of these pre-determined investment instruments:

  • U.S. Government Repurchase Agreements

Features & Benefits

  • Account operates as a standard business checking account (unlimited withdrawals, deposits, etc.). Collected funds are always invested.
  • Automation of the daily investment function eliminates the need to manually transfer funds between accounts.
  • Investment vehicles enable companies to earn highly competitive interest rates, preserve asset liquidity and minimize capital risk.
  • The service increases investment income by earning interest on all eligible funds every night.
  • Investment expertise is not required to participate.
  • Investment costs are minimized.
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