Tax Management

You’ve worked hard for your money. Let us help you keep it.

We know what it takes to acquire and expand wealth, and the challenges you may face to preserve it and create a legacy for your loved ones. From tax-free investments, deferred tax accounts, generational trusts and more, your Wealth Advisor can help you understand how your investment strategy can create a healthier bottom line for you, your family and even your business, while limiting your tax liability.

We can help to develop a comprehensive tax management plan designed to fit your personal financial goals, or those of your business, all in partnership with your CPA and attorney.

Your Wealth Advisor can help you explore options for transferring taxes with:

  • Charitable Giving: Make a difference in the lives of others, while improving your finances and tax situation, with a well-planned charitable gift.
  • Estate Planning: Minimize your tax liability and ensure that your money will be available according to your wishes, to protect your loved ones and preserve your legacy.

We can also help you defer taxes through a variety of financial options, including:

  • Annuities: This investment option provides a monthly source of income, and can complement your tax management strategy depending on your age, overall asset management plan and other sources of income or savings.
  • Life Insurance: You can name a charity as the owner or beneficiary of your life insurance policy to defer estate taxes on the policy's proceeds.
  • IRAs: These Individual Retirement Accounts allow you to save for retirement while deferring taxes until you reach retirement and may be in a lower tax bracket.
  • 529 plans: This convenient savings tool features tax-deferred earnings and tax-free withdrawals. Money taken out of the account must be used to cover qualified expenses for higher education. Depending on the plan type, you may benefit from state or federal tax advantages.