Asset Protection

Life is uncertain. It pays to be prepared.

You have worked hard to earn your success, building a unique portfolio of assets along the way. Have you thought about protecting your accumulated wealth from unknown or unplanned risks?

We will partner with you to develop a customized plan that reduces risks, ensures your assets are protected, and provides for those you hold dear. Your Wealth Advisor will guide you through the planning process and, if needed, bring together a dedicated team to develop a plan that protects your interests.


A trust can help you prepare for the unexpected. Depending on your needs, we can assist your estate planning attorney in creating a trust to:

  • Manage assets, if you are disabled
  • Manage investments for your family after your death
  • Help reduce or avoid estate taxes
  • Support an elderly relative
  • Support a special needs individual
  • Provide for a child’s education
  • Make charitable bequests
  • Protect your privacy


should be part of every financial strategy. Life, long-term care and disability are insurance solutions that most individuals need. Your Wealth Advisor will sit down with you to review your current coverage and develop a plan to address any gaps.

Estate Planning

can help minimize your tax burden and ensure that your money will continue to do what you want it to do when you can no longer make financial decisions. Our Estate Planning services can help you:

  • Provide support and financial stability for your surviving family members
  • Preserve your wealth for future generations
  • Minimize taxes and expenses associated with transferring your assets
  • Ensure your wishes are carried out when you are no longer able to manage your affairs (e.g., power of attorney, living will)