Custody & Escrow

Choose from a variety of Custodian and Escrow services.

Institutional Custodian Services

First Citizens Institutional Custody operation is one of the largest in North Carolina, providing our clients critical services such as securities safekeeping, trade settlement, comprehensive and consolidated statement services and portfolio account services. With a broad client base that includes municipal and governmental entities, corporations, insurance companies, investment managers, qualified retirement plans, and foundations and endowments, our team is known for its deep knowledge and experience, exacting standards of accuracy and the professionalism you can always expect from First Citizens.

Custodian Services

  • Securities safekeeping
  • Trade settlement
  • Investment and reinvestment of principal
  • Collection and distribution of income
  • Corporate actions monitoring
  • Delivery of matured/called bonds, notes, etc., and collection of cash proceeds
  • Free receipt of security issues purchased by or received by client independent of custodian account
  • Comprehensive accounting statements
  • Online account access

Institutional Escrow Agent Services

We provide escrow agent services for a broad range of First Citizens clients, helping manage subscriptions, exchanges, refunding business acquisitions and leases. As part of our escrow services, we can assist you and your attorneys with special escrow account needs, handle sensitive or high-profile transactions and aid you in the preparation of special forms and legal documents.

Escrow Services

  • Business acquisitions
  • Depository escrow agent
  • Subscription escrow agent
  • Exchange escrow agent
  • Highway escrow agent
  • Leasing escrow agent
  • Escrow safekeeping agent