Asset Management

Investment Expertise that Drives Fiscal Results.

Without the right help, growing and leveraging an institutional investment portfolio can be daunting. It takes a deep understanding of the wide array of investment options available – and the benefits and challenges they bring. That's why knowledge and experience are the essentials of a capital management strategy. Like the knowledge and experience brought to you by our partners in the First Citizens Capital Management Group.

Our Capital Management professionals have broad experience across the institutional sector, overseeing more than $4 billion in assets. And they bring you deep knowledge of effective strategies for helping those clients achieve their customized investment objectives... from asset preservation to capital growth to income generation.

  • Investment consulting
  • Asset management – equity, fixed income or blended disciplines
  • Manager-of-managers strategy – fund management
  • Investment policy statement development
  • Annual review of investment objectives and guidelines
  • Periodic investment performance reviews
  • Automatic account rebalancing
  • Online account access

The Right Strategy For The Right Client

Our approach to money management is flexible and personalized, so we can custom fit it to your institution. But it's also highly disciplined and based on thorough research and analysis – and rigorous standards of risk management. The outcome for your institution is a strategy for long-term results based on information and insight, the measurement of risk and the evaluation of multiple managers and approaches. Our mission is to understand what your institution needs and find effective and responsible means of achieving it.