Visa Gift Card

Give the gift of flexibility, accepted worldwide


Don't guess what they want—let them buy it with a Visa® gift card from you.


Prepaid for a designated amount and accepted at millions of locations worldwide.


Unlike cash, a Visa® gift card can be replaced for the unspent amount.

A gift for everyone on your list

Customize the amount

Visa® gift cards are available in denominations of $25 to $500, and there's no limit on how many you can buy.

Activate your card

If you've received a Visa® Gift Card, you can activate it on Visa's secure website.


People often ask us

The First Citizens Visa Gift Card is a prepaid card—not a credit card. The cardholder can use it to make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted.

Unlike store gift cards or gift certificates, the Visa Gift Card enables you to choose where you spend the money on your card. You're not limited to just one store. You can use it at any store or online retailer that accepts Visa.

The First Citizens Visa Gift Card can be used upon receipt. To use it, you'll need to activate it on Visa's secure website.

Yes. Using your Visa Gift Card signifies that you accept the cardholder agreement.

Yes. Activating your card has several benefits:

  • Activation enables you to make purchases online. Most online retailers don't accept payments without a valid billing address. The address you provide during activation will serve as the billing address that retailers require.
  • It enables Customer Service Representatives to quickly assist you when you need assistance.
  • It helps protect you if your card is ever lost or stolen.

The use of a gift card to conduct transactions is governed by the First Citizens Visa Gift Card Cardholder Agreement, a copy of which is provided with each card delivered. Cards are issued by, and are the property of, First-Citizens Bank & Trust Company, which reserves the right to refuse to offer cards or to revoke the issuance of cards at any time without notice.

Visa gift cards are not FDIC insured.

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