Foreign Currency and International Payment Services

Simplify the complexity of foreign financial transactions

Living in a global economy creates the need for global finances. With Foreign Currency Services from First Citizens, you can travel or do business abroad without worrying about the complexities of foreign trade transactions.

Foreign Exchange

If you plan to travel overseas, we can supply both foreign currency and traveler's checks, available at any First Citizens branch. First Citizens can also assist with managing your foreign exchange risk and help you protect your profits from the risks and fluctuations of international currency markets.

Foreign Payments

Whether you are paying with a wire transfer or check, we can help you send and receive foreign payments in U.S. dollars (and in most foreign currencies) quickly and efficiently. Foreign drafts are another alternative for transferring funds internationally.

Foreign Checks for Deposit or Collection

Foreign checks may be given immediate credit (some limitations apply), providing quick access to your funds. Checks that cannot be accepted for immediate credit can be processed on a collection basis.

To get started, visit your local branch