New Opportunities In Treasury Management

Take advantage of a larger suite of treasury management tools

First Citizens offers new capabilities that can bring you a whole new level of control, security and efficiency.

Automated Payables

Streamline your invoice and payment process from end to end.

  • Integrate seamlessly with your current accounting software
  • Automatically extract data from customer invoices to reduce processing time
  • Reduce risk with advanced payment security controls
  • Optimize the timing of payments for better cash flow
  • Add virtual rewards credit cards to earn rewards points with every purchase

Commercial Image Cash Letter

Leverage your current imaging systems to handle your deposits.

  • Save time and expense when processing business and consumer checks
  • Secure transmissions with real-time notifications of receipt
  • Specially formatted X9.37 deposit files fine-tuned by our specialists to optimize connection speeds

Lockbox Services

Reduce in-house mail and payment processing costs.

  • Retail Lockbox Services help you collect large volumes of repetitive consumer payments that are accompanied by a scannable document or coupon
  • Property Management Lockbox helps management companies that have multiple locations collect large volumes of consumer payments that are accompanied by a scannable remittance document or coupon

eReceivables Bill Pay Consolidation

Receive your consumer bill payments electronically.

  • Eliminate the time and effort involved in processing paper checks or individual online payments
  • Consolidate payments from multiple sources
  • Gain faster access to funds with a single daily credit to your account
  • Cut costs by eliminating checks and unnecessary labor

Smart Safe Provisional Credit Service

Gain new simplicity and security in handling your cash receipts.

  • No more daily bank visits and no more sorting, counting, balancing and reconciling your cash
  • Deposit your currency into an on-premises physical safe with electronic currency validation
  • Our preferred courier validates the daily totals, and you get provisional credit to your account the same business day—excluding weekends and bank holidays

Check Recovery Services

Recover 100% of many bad checks, free of charge.

  • We partner with Unity Fi Solutions to offer Smart Returns™, which converts returned items into an electronic transaction and re-presents them two more times through ACH
  • You keep 100% of the check amount if the funds are collected, with no phone calls or collection expenses

Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment

Get paid faster while making the payment process easier for your customers.

  • This highly secure online service provides a customizable website where you can present bills to clients and receive their payments
  • Replace your paper billing with a process that reduces cost, enhances accuracy and improves your customer experience

EDI/ACH Addenda

Improve your efficiency and your reporting on ACH transactions.

  • Use Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI, addenda to accelerate your payment services
  • Ensure timely ACH payments and deposits within one banking day, while avoiding manual processing errors
  • We convert EDI codes into easy-to-read text, giving your complete payment information for each transaction

Purchasing Cards

Gain new control over your business purchasing.

  • Simplify the purchasing process for your company and employees
  • Reduce administrative costs for purchase orders, invoices and checks
  • Monitor purchases and card activity more easily
  • Reduce the risk of fraud and costly mistakes that can happen when using paper checks

Merchant Services

Advanced card processing solutions for every type of business.

  • Accept cards in person, online or via invoicing—24/7
  • View transactions in real time
  • Next-day funding for Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® and American Express® into your First Citizens deposit account

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