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BOB Advantage

Typically customers can begin using BOB Advantage as soon as you leave the branch. You'll receive a welcome email to the email address provide at enrollment with your username and a link to activate your account. Please contact us at 866-FCB 4BIZ (866-322-4249) between 7 am and 11 pm ET Monday through Saturday if you don't promptly receive your welcome email.

The welcome email will include your username as well as a link to activate your account. From there, you'll set up your password and register for one or more multi-factor authentication options. This link will expire after 7 days.

The basic BOB Advantage package has nominal activity and excess item fees for up to three accounts. It includes previous-day as well as intra-day balance and detail transaction reporting, book transfer and stop payment services. Additional module, activity and excess item fees are added for ACH, wire transfer and some other services. See our BOB Advantage fee schedule, visit your local branch or call 866-FCB 4BIZ (866-322-4249) between 7 am and 11 pm ET Monday through Saturday for more details.

Just talk with a banker at a First Citizens branch. If you don't already have a First Citizens business checking account, we'll help you set up your account, too.

First Citizens is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of online security. That's why we've made a commitment to protecting your company's financial information with some of the top internet security technology in the industry. BOB Advantage is protected by multiple layers of online security to help protect all of your account data.

Visit our Privacy and Security for more information on how you can protect your account information.

Business Online Banking Advantage (BOB Advantage®) enables you to manage your First Citizens accounts online. You can view account information, transfer funds between accounts and access other services such as Automated Clearing House (ACH), wire transfer, positive pay and controlled disbursement. It uses state-of-the-art security combined with the simplicity of website navigation. BOB Advantage makes it easy to manage all aspects of your business finances.

All you need to use BOB Advantage is a First Citizens business checking account and a computer with an internet connection that meets the requirements outlined here:

Browser requirements

For PC (Windows Vista, Win 7, Win 8, or Win 10)

  • Internet Explorer (IE) 11 and higher
  • Firefox 60 and higher
  • Chrome 73 and higher

For Mac OS

  • Safari 11.0 and higher
  • Firefox 60 and higher

Business Online Banking requires JavaScript. If you browse the internet with scripting disabled, you will have to turn scripting on when you visit our site. However, scripting can turn on automatically for BOB Advantage if you use your browser's Trusted Sites feature.

TLS settings requirements

TLS, or Transport Layer Security, is a security measure used for internet communications and online banking transactions. As TLS is updated from older to newer versions, it is best practice to disable older versions to prevent vulnerabilities and risks. As a result, First Citizens will not support older versions of TLS. Most computers will automatically access the current version available; however, you may need to adjust your TLS settings.

Follow the link below to test your TLS settings and to enable TLS 1.2 or higher:

For further details, please review our Online Banking Security page.

It's very easy. You don't have to know a lot about computers or even be at your business to handle financial tasks. With just a click of a button you can access most of the services available.

Initially, you must designate a Company Administrator who will then be responsible for setting up access for other employees.

Yes. Your Company Administrator controls access at the service level: balance reporting, stop payment, book transfer, etc. The Company Administrator also controls employee account access.

You'll be able to view all of your First Citizens business checking, savings and money market accounts, loans, lines of credit, and credit card accounts. You can't access a commercial leasing account. Depending on the number of accounts you choose to access, there may be an additional charge.

You can make transfers from any of your First Citizens business checking, savings or money market accounts to any of your First Citizens business accounts, including deposit accounts, commercial loans, lines of credit and credit card accounts. You will have immediate access to your accounts and to your funds if you transfer between deposit accounts (checking, savings and money market). Transfers to your loan accounts will post as payments by the next business day. You cannot transfer money to a mortgage account, Investor Services account or commercial leasing account. You can advance funds from a standalone line of credit account (excluding Capital Line) but not from other credit accounts.

You can download your account history using comma-delimited, tab-delimited or BAI format. You can also download account history into Intuit® QuickBooks® and Quicken® accounting software using Web Connect.

Contact us at 866-FCB 4BIZ (866-322-4249) Monday through Saturday between 7 am and 11 pm ET if you have questions or need assistance with BOB Advantage, including ACH, wire transfers and Positive Pay.

For help using BOB Advantage, click on the Help icon within BOB Advantage to access page specific help to assist you in using every aspect of BOB Advantage. Or you can visit the Message Center from the Home Page on BOB Advantage to create a message.

Bill Pay

Yes. As long as the payment is still in a pending status, you have the option to edit or stop the payment. Once the payment is processing, we don't have the ability to cancel or edit the payment. If a paper check was issued, you have the option to place a Stop Payment on the check.

Bill Pay will be available next business day after end of day processing.

The administrator will need to enable the Bill Pay permissions at the cross and per account level under Admin > Users > user to be modified> Permissions. This will enable the user to view the Bill Pay tab. Users permissions, such as, approval and limits can be modified by navigating to Bill Pay > Other > Manage Users.

The administrator has the ability to assign a starting check number for each account set up for Bill Pay by navigating to Bill Pay > Options > Manage My Accounts. The default check number currently assigned to all accounts is 10000. To prevent duplicate check numbers, Positive Pay customers should enter a five digit starting check number.

The check number will display once the payment has been submitted for processing. You can view the check number on the confirmation page or under Scheduled Payments.

Payments will be sent either electronically or by paper check. The delivery method will be displayed next to the Payee name prior to submitting the payment.

You can select your default page by navigating to Payments & Transfers > Bill Pay> Other > Personal Profile and clicking Default Page. Selecting ShortCut and saving your changes, loads the Payment page the next time you access Bill Pay.

Power User will display 50 payees on a single page for selection.

Customers receive notifications until the payment has been approved. Alerts are sent at 2 am, 6 am, 10 am, 2 pm, 6 pm and 10 pm.

Navigate to Options > Manage Bill Pay Accounts and click the Bill Pay Accounts tab. Click the edit link for the account to be notified.

Reports are available under the Option tab.

If you created special categories in the previous version of Bill Pay and no longer see those as a selection, you'll need to create those categories in Bill Pay.

No. Existing Payees in Bill Pay will not be changed. Customers can call Bill Pay support at 866-820-1730 and they can assist with updating the default account on existing Payees.


The documentation you need to open a business account will vary based on your business type and business needs. Our Business Account Requirements provides a good place to start understanding what documents you will need during the account opening process.

You can open a business checking account online by logging in to your account, by visiting business checking or by talking with a Financial Services Representative at your local branch.


The documentation you need to open an account will vary based on your business type and business needs. The Business Account Requirements should provide a good place to start thinking about the documents that we'll ask for during the account opening process.

You can open a business savings account online by logging in to your account, by visiting business savings or by talking with a Financial Services Representative at your local branch.

A money market savings account delivers a higher interest rate on your liquid funds. And because our Premium Money Market Savings account offers tiered interest rates, the higher your balance, the more you earn.

We offer a variety of CDs, all with competitive interest rates. Premier Business Checking and Professional Business Checking customers earn preferred rates on CDs with a minimum deposit of $5,000. For current interest rates, contact your local First Citizens banker or visit your local branch.

Equipment Finance and Leasing

We offer a variety of equipment finance and leasing options, which you can learn more about by contacting a First Citizens representative at your local branch.

For most business owners, the top two benefits are the ability to maintain cash flow and secure 100% financing. If you move forward with our program, the third benefit is the financing may be structured in a variety of ways to meet your tax and accounting needs.

To apply for equipment financing, contact a First Citizens representative at your local branch.


To apply for a business loan, contact a First Citizens representative at your local branch.

A term loan provides financing for capital expenditures (such as vehicle or equipment needs or fixed assets) that are regularly amortized over a period of time. A line of credit allows you to easily access funds whenever you need them for short-term financing needs. And a lease can help you with vehicle and equipment financing, with potential tax benefits.

If you prefer knowing what your interest rate and payment will be throughout the life of your loan, you should consider a fixed rate loan. In contrast, a variable interest rate loan may give you a lower rate and payment amount initially, with the chance that the rate and payment may rise or fall in the future.

Your personal guarantee may be needed depending on the size and type of your credit request.

Yes. We have various lines of credit to meet your business's cash flow needs and will work closely with you to determine what line of credit is best for your business. To get started, contact a First Citizens representative at your local branch.

ACH Payments/Receivables

As part of your ACH Agreement with First Citizens, you're required to stay abreast of industry changes. We recommend you become a member of your local ACH Regional Association (E Pay Resources on the east coast) or reference for ACH rules changes. Often, when changes occur that significantly affect your ability to originate your ACH file (payroll, taxes etc.), a notice will be posted on BOB Advantage.

You must receive authorization from your employees or customers to obtain the information needed to deposit funds into their checking and savings accounts for payroll, employee expense reimbursement, government benefits, taxes, other refunds, annuities and interest payments. Please reference the National ACH website (Section VII Appendices) for Sample Authorization for Direct Deposit through ACH (Credits) for more information.

The ACH Return Resolution report information is available and accessible through the Business Online Banking Advantage® (BOB Advantage®) by choosing the "Reporting" section. The Return Resolution report is a critical part of being able to process our Direct Deposits. On a daily basis, these reports will detail any transaction that was returned to you and you have not received your credit. It will also show any account information that has changed or is no longer valid. To access the report, select either the Standard or Custom ACH Report option located under Bank Reporting on the Account Management Reports page. Your Return Resolution and Notification of Change Reports are accessible for 14 calendar days.

Yes. A Pre-note transaction may be submitted as a test. A Pre-note is a zero dollar transaction with unique transaction codes. Its intention is to verify both the transit routing and account number of a transaction. If either is incorrect, you'll be notified by a Return Resolution Report. It's recommended that you initiate a Pre-note transaction 3 days in advance of a live dollar transaction for first-time accounts.

Yes. To ensure items post in a timely manner to reach the receivers account for posting, we should receive:

  • ACH Credit files (for Direct Deposit) at least 2 business days in advance of the effective (deposit or payroll) date
  • ACH Debit files (for Automatic Drafting) at least 1 business day in advance of the effective (due) date

All ACH transactions submitted prior to 10 pm ET will be processed at First Citizens the same day for the delivery to your customer’s bank. Transactions submitted after 10 pm ET will be processed at First Citizens for delivery to your customer’s bank the next business day.

  • If you send your Direct Deposit transaction the same day the payment is due (effective), your employees will not have access to their funds on time.
  • If you send your Automatic Draft transaction the same day the payment is due (effective), you'll not receive your deposit until the next day (settlement day).
  • Same day ACH transaction processing is available for same-day settlement.

First Citizens adheres to our ACH Operator processing guidelines which are recommended to ensure timely delivery. Business clients can enroll for same day ACH processing.

No. Don't use deposit tickets as they have internal information on them that will not process through the ACH system.

The ACH Return Resolution Report details significant information about your transactions. The most important information includes, but is not limited to, why the transaction was returned (Return Reason), account number, name, individual ID and dollar amount associated with the transaction.

Your company may submit a reversing ACH transaction. The reversing transaction may only occur if the error is due to an invalid or incorrect dollar amount. An ACH reversal must be submitted within 5 days of the settlement date of the original erroneous transaction. Reversals aren't guaranteed.

You can submit an ACH transaction reversal using BOB Advantage. An ACH reversal must be submitted within 5 days of the settlement date of the original erroneous transaction. To access the ACH reversal function, locate the erroneous transaction in the completed section on the ACH Summary page. Select View for the transaction. Detailed information for the selected transaction is displayed. A Reverse option will also display. To submit a reversal, choose Reverse. If you need additional assistance, select Inquire for the transaction. Enter your question and then Send. A customer service representative will respond to your inquiry within 1 business day. If you're sending files through DES FTP transmission, simply send the reverse entry in a NACHA format.

The bank will move the effective date to the next business day following the weekend or holiday. It's important that you consider weekends and holidays when determining your effective date so as not to cause your transactions to post later than you desire. For example, if your effective date is typically the 1st of the month for payroll transactions, and the 1st of the month falls on a Saturday, you'll likely want to change the effective date to the 30th or 31st of the previous month. Then, submit the transactions a day or two sooner, accordingly. In this example, failing to consider that the 1st falls on a Saturday would result in the effective date being moved forward to the next business day, the 3rd.

Financial institutions vary on how they handle transactions submitted on a non-business day. We'll process the transactions on the next business day following the weekend or holiday.

Same Day ACH

Same Day ACH allows both credit origination (Payables) and debit origination (Receivables) transactions to process and settle same day. ACH transactions processed as Same Day will be available by the end of our processing day.

Almost all types of ACH Payments, including Credits, Debits, Tax Payments and non-monetary transactions such as Notifications of Change (NOC). Remittance Information (CCD, CTX) are also eligible for Same Day processing. However, International Transactions (IATs) and transactions above $25,000 won't be eligible for Same Day ACH.

Once you're enrolled in the service, First Citizens Bank must receive files submitted through Business Online Banking Advantage® (BOB Advantage®), Digital Banking for business (credit only) 12:30 pm ET Monday through Friday to process the entries same day. ACH files submitted through our Data Exchange Service (DES) will be processed that day if received by 1 pm ET.

We don't charge additional fees for our customers to receive Same Day ACH transactions. A fee of $1 will be charged for each originated Same Day ACH credit and debit transaction.

Existing Business Online Banking (BOB) ACH Originators should call 866-322-4249 to enroll in Same Day ACH. It is recommended that Originators review their systems to verify that they can create ACH files with the correct/intended effective date to accommodate Same Day ACH. All new Digital Banking Business customers that enroll in First Citizens ACH Service will automatically have access to Same Day ACH. Additional fees may apply.

Automated Payables

Automated Payables automates and streamlines the invoice and payment process from beginning to end. From an affordable, cloud-based platform, it gives you command of cash flow by integrating securely with your current accounting software and provides visibility for timely payments. For all electronic payments, remittance details are automatically sent to vendors. It has the ability to use virtual or corporate credit cards to help you earn rebates and cash back.

Yes. Automated Payables has the ability to import and export .csv files. We're happy to show you how this process works.

If you choose to issue ACH payments, we set up the ACH origination for you. You then issue ACH transactions using Automated Payables, or any other delivery channel.

While business bill pay through BOB Advantage® is convenient, it doesn't provide invoice processing and full control over payments. Automated Payables provides a secure invoicing workflow with customized controls and segregation of duties to protect against fraud—all in one application.

Your vendor receives a secure email containing the card data needed to complete the payment. Once the transaction is completed, you’ll see the transaction within Automated Payables service, on your card statements, and all rebates or rewards will apply. It’s a great way to take advantage of card rewards within your account payable process.

If you have a First Citizens Visa Purchasing card, you can easily add card payments to the payments used with Automated Payables. A single-use card number is sent securely to your vendor to take the payment, and the transaction appears on your card statement. Visa can assist you in identifying and communicating with your vendors to get broader card acceptance.

When you send a check payment from Automated Payables, we send your check data, including signature, as part of the setup to Harland Clarke®. The check is then printed and mailed first class to the vendor address in Automated Payables. An email is sent to the vendor to let them know the check was issued. You have the option of sending checks express mail if you need, however additional postage is required.

Automated Payables tracks any payment delivery method you choose. If you pay a vendor through their online portal, a manual check or with cash, you can manually enter the payment into the payment workflow for approval and tracking.

No. Other payment options available are check, virtual card, vendor online portal and manual payment. You can use all or just some payment types and set default payments specific to your vendors. This creates efficiencies and control over all of your accounts payable processes, and provides reporting visibility of your cash flow.

Automated Payables provides you with a dedicated email address that you give to your vendors for sending invoices. If you receive paper invoices, you can scan and send them to that address. Automated Payables extracts the header information and line item details. It's an overnight process, but you can enter the invoice information directly, if you choose.

Automated Payables can help you go paperless with your invoice capture and approval processing. You can have vendors email you invoices. Automated Payables then collects the data directly from the invoices—you'll no longer have to scan them. Approval workflows can be customized at the company or vendor level to process payments much more efficiently.

Yes. You can make a manual check payment while still taking advantage of invoice capture and approval. The payment approval and workflow would still be part of the Automated Payables process, you would just issue a paper check. The approval and audit trail would be within Automated Payables and your accounts payable software.

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Yes. You can use Automated Payables as a standalone service to help streamline your accounts payable processes. You'll benefit from invoice capture, approval workflows, payment approvals and initiation workflows.

Yes. Other payment options available are check, ACH, vendor online portal and manual payment. You can use all or just some payment types and set default payments specific to your vendors. This creates efficiencies and control over all of your accounts payable processes, and provides reporting visibility of your cash flow.

No. Positive Pay is an optional service that can enhance your current risk management processes by examining checks for fraud. However, using Positive Pay as part of Automated Payables enables you to automatically have your check issue file become a part of the check register that we validate. If there are any checks that don't match the payee, dollar amount and date that you issued, we'll let you know through BOB Advantage.

Property Management

The association’s insurance typically includes property and casualty policies for all common area property and equipment. In townhome associations, this usually includes the entire exterior of the structures. In condominium associations, this usually includes the entire structure of the building. It may also include liability and directors and officers policies that cover directors, committee members and volunteers working on behalf of the association. For complete information about your associations insurance coverage, please contact your association directly.

Visit our Property Management Resources page and select the link for the online account you wish to access.

Foreign Exchange Services

FXEnvoy is our online international payments client portal that empowers businesses with a fast, efficient and secure method for facilitating international business from the convenience of their computers. It offers real-time FX rates, FX payment and risk management solutions as well as our new Multi-Currency Accounts in a secure online environment.

Sending an international payment online with FXEnvoy is a simple process that can take less than a minute. Just book your FX transaction online and apply your beneficiary’s payment instructions. Once you book your exchange rate, it’s locked in and will not fluctuate prior to delivery.

Unless the beneficiary has specifically requested US Dollars, generally, it may be beneficial to send your payment in the local currency of the beneficiary. US dollars sent to an account that is denominated in a foreign currency may take longer to be received and may incur higher bank charges than if you send the local currency.

A wire transfer is more efficient than a foreign draft and funds are usually available immediately upon receipt by the beneficiary.

IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number. It’s a domestic account number standard for all retail and commercial payments in the European Union. A growing number of other countries have also adopted this same format for routing domestic payments. IBANs are assigned by foreign banks to their customers and can consist of up to 34 alphanumeric characters.

Our payment platform has a built in IBAN validation that will let you know if the IBAN is not valid.

We utilize multiple layers of security in order to help safeguard your confidential information including two-factor authorization and maker-checker functionality for templates and payments.

Normal bank approval applies.  

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