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ACH Positive Pay

Summary of service

ACH Positive Pay helps you protect against electronic fraud by blocking and returning any ACH transactions you choose not to authorize.

Essentials to know

  • Starting July 18, your service will be available through First Citizens Commercial Advantage.
  • The cutoff for decisioning will be 3:30 pm ET.
  • Your alerts won't transfer to First Citizens. Make note of ACH Positive Pay alerts you currently rely on and set them up in Commercial Advantage starting July 18. See the Alerts Quick Reference Guide (PDF) for step-by-step instructions on setting your alerts.

Additional resources

Positive Pay Quick Reference Guide

Here's everything you need to know to get started.


Learn how to add an alert, add a recipient and set up immediate alerts when certain conditions occur.

Creating an ACH Template

Use templates to choose how many approvers will be required for payments and if there's a maximum amount allowed.


People often ask us

The cutoff time is 3:30 pm ET.

Files will load at 6 am ET, and you'll find your exceptions that require decisioning in Commercial Advantage under the Fraud/Risk Management tab. Establish fraud alerts to ensure you don't miss the decisioning cutoff time of 3:30 pm ET. For help setting up these alerts, visit the Alerts Quick Reference Guide (PDF).

Fraud alerts, such as ACH Positive Pay Suspect Items and ACH Positive Pay Cutoff Time is Approaching, should be established immediately on July 18, 2022. More information about alerts can be found in the Alerts Quick Reference Guide (PDF) or by viewing the Creating Alerts video.

ACH Positive Pay exception file load time is Monday through Friday around 6 am ET—excluding bank holidays.

You'll have the ability to decision these exceptions in Commercial Advantage on Monday, July 18. Decision cutoff time of 3:30 pm ET will apply.

ACH Full Block reports can be located in Commercial Advantage under Legacy Reports.

Learn more about creating ACH Authorizations for ACH Positive Pay in the Positive Pay Quick Reference Guide (PDF).

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