Decisioning Positive Pay Exceptions

In this video, you'll learn how to view and decision your positive pay exception items. 

Start by navigating to the Fraud/Risk Management workspace, then locate the "Payment Fraud Control" widget.

You will see a listing of accounts that are on Positive Pay. The Status column will indicate whether an account has exception items.  

You'll also see the number of items to be decisioned and the number of items for which pay or return decisions have been made.   

Locate your desired account and select "View" from the actions column.

The Payment Fraud Control Decisioning page appears. It lists all of the suspect items for the chosen account for the current day.

For each listed suspect item, a number of columns are displayed.

Select "View" in the actions column to view a suspect item.

From the Item Detail screen, you can elect to pay or return the item. 

You can also decision several suspect items at one time by selecting the checkboxes for any number of suspect items, and then click the appropriate action button below the list view.

In order to view past decisions made, navigate back to the Payment Fraud Control widget and select the "Decision History" tab. 

To narrow your search for a particular item, use the filter drop down, select a filter key and enter a value in the corresponding field.

Click "Apply" and the results of the search will appear. 

Thank you for watching this video where you've learned how to view and decision your positive pay exception items.

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