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To view your intra-day debits and credits, select the Current Day tab under Balance and Transaction Reporting.

Choose Administration & Settings, then User Maintenance and Add New User. For more information, refer to our User Management Quick Reference Guide (PDF), which is also available in our Learning Center.

Yes. QuickBooks, Quicken and Mint are available to connect in Commercial Advantage. Refer to the instructions in the Learning Center to establish your connection to your Intuit services. For questions regarding Intuit products and services, or troubleshooting, please contact Intuit support.

No. A link to the PPP loan application will be available in the Commercial Advantage Notification Center.

For PC (Windows Vista, Win 7, Win 8 or Win 10):

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox 35 or higher
  • Chrome 41 or higher


For Mac OS:

  • Safari 11.0 or higher
  • Firefox 35 or higher

Retention is available for the following reports:

  • Transaction activity reflects about 390 days, or 13 months, of history
  • Payments have 365 days of retention, with 31 days for Payment List View
  • eStatement reports are available up to 16 months
  • ACH activity reports remain available for 45 days

Payments and Transfers

Select Payments & Transfers, then Transfer Management and Add Transfer. You can also add the Transfer widget to your homepage.

Recurring transfers are set up as templates. Select Payments & Transfers, then Transfer Management and Add Transfer and follow the steps that best fit your needs. Recurring transfer templates can also be built in Template Management.

First, navigate to the Payments & Transfers tab. From here, you have two options based on which payment type you'd like to review.

  • For Loan Draws, Loan Payments, Wires and ACH, select Payment Management.
  • For Transfers and Credit Card Payments, select Transfer Management.

Yes. You may select to Stop Pay for 6 months or 1 year. You also have the option to cancel a Stop Pay. To learn more, refer to our Stop Pay Feature Quick Reference Guide (PDF), which is also available in our Learning Center.

Yes. Line of Credit will be viewable, and you'll be able to make payments in Commercial Advantage. However, you won't be able to draw from the LOC (with the exception of an Equity Line).


Visit our Learning Center for videos and Quick Reference Guides for information on ACH Batch, ACH Pass Through and other ACH related items.

  • ACH Credit files (for Direct Deposit): At least 2 business days in advance of the effective (deposit or payroll) date
  • ACH Debit files (for Automatic Drafting): At least 1 business day in advance of the effective (due) date

All ACH transactions submitted prior to 10 pm ET will be processed at First Citizens the same day (excluding bank holidays) for delivery to your customer's bank. Transactions submitted after 10 pm ET will be processed at First Citizens for delivery to your customer's bank the next business day.

Yes. You can ensure your NACHA files are properly formatted by reviewing the NACHA File Specs (PDF), also available in our Learning Center. We recommend submitting your NACHA file in Test Mode to ensure there are no updates needed. If there are errors, you'll receive an error code indicating which fields need to be repaired.

To view details on an ACH Return, select eStatements under the Reporting tab, then select ACH Activity under Statements, Notices & Reports.


To learn more about wire transactions, refer to our Domestic Wires Quick Reference Guide (PDF), which is also available in our Learning Center.

All wire transactions submitted prior to 6 pm ET Monday through Friday (excluding bank holidays) will be processed the same day for delivery.

To learn more about international wires, review the International Wires Quick Reference Guide (PDF) in the Learning Center.


We highly recommend setting up fraud services alerts immediately. Instructions on how to set up these alerts are available in the Alerts Quick Reference Guide (PDF) in the Learning Center.

Create a new recipient using your email address and/or phone number. You'll then modify the alert by adding the new recipient created with your email address and/or phone number.

Review the Alerts Quick Reference Guide (PDF) or the Creating Alerts video in our Learning Center for more information on setting up recipients and groups to receive alerts and choosing which alert types they receive.

A recipient is either a user or non-user who is set up to receive alerts. A recipient group is several users set up to receive alerts. This feature is useful if the admin doesn't want users to manage their own alerts or a non-user needs insight on banking activity.

Yes. You can edit the subject lines on your alerts with text that's more meaningful to you to quickly identify the alert type.

Yes. Users with access to User Maintenance (located in the Administration & Settings tab) can add mobile numbers to receive SMS texts for some alerts. If you don't have access to User Maintenance, your company administrator can add your mobile number so you can receive text alerts.


Navigate to Reporting, then eStatements and enter your search criteria. Date range is not a required field and currently disabled.

Yes. To update your eStatement preferences, select the Administration & Settings tab, then Preferences and Paperless Statements. Edit your preferences and choose Save Changes.


Select Show Optional Fields in the Enter Issued Checks section and enter the information. If this field is left blank, you'll receive an exception when the check posts to your account.

Decisions need to occur by 3:30 pm ET, Monday through Friday (excluding bank holidays).

Once a Check Positive Pay file has been successfully uploaded, the file must be approved.

Yes. The Payee Name field is limited to 80 characters. This only affects Fixed Length file format.

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