Create an ACH Template

In this video, you'll learn how to create an ACH Template. Go to the Payments & Transfers menu.

Then select "Payment Management" to open the Payment Center workspace. 

In the Payment Center, navigate to the Template List View widget.

Click "Add a New Template" to open the "Add Template" window, where you'll select the template type.

The template type determines what type of payments the template can be used for. We'll use Corporate/Vendor Payments.

Select "Continue".

Each payment type will have different required fields, which are denoted by a red asterisk. The template code and description will help system users identify a unique template.  

Choose how many approvers will be required for payments created from this template and if there'll be a maximum amount allowed for the batch of payments within the template.

The maximum amount validates against the total of all debit and credit beneficiaries in the payment combined.

You've the option of restricting a template which gives only users who are entitled to view restricted templates the ability to view it. Users without this permission will only be able to see summary information.

Select an originator from the "Originator ID" drop down. The remaining fields in this section are optional.

You can select a beneficiary from the Contact Center by clicking on the magnifying glass, choosing a beneficiary and clicking "Continue".

Or, depending on user settings, you may also be able to enter a beneficiary by manually entering their name.

Enter the ABA number. While you can search by bank name by clicking the magnifying glass icon, we recommend you request the ABA from the beneficiary. 

Enter the account number and select the "Account Type".

If you want to add another beneficiary to this payment, click on the "Add Another Beneficiary" button.

The first beneficiary will display in a list view below. 

And a second set of beneficiary information fields will display where again you can either select "Beneficiaries" from the Contact Center or manually enter the information.

Continue to use the "Add Another Beneficiary" as needed for this payment.

If this payment is made regularly, you may also decide to use the "Make Recurring" option to create a recurring payment schedule.

Once all beneficiaries have been added, click "Save" to save the ACH template.

A confirmation message will display in the green box and the new template will appear in the template list view.

The template may require approval before it can be used. 

Thanks for watching this video where we demonstrated how to create an ACH Template.

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