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Commercial Advantage

Summary of service

Commercial Advantage provides the kind of sophisticated cash management capabilities you need to conduct business easier, faster and more efficiently.

  • Streamlined workflows make processing transactions easier.
  • Robust entitlements and permissions give administrators greater control over accounts and users.
  • Added alert options mitigate risk and create a custom experience for your company.
  • More comprehensive transaction descriptions enable better reporting of historical data.
  • Enhanced fraud mitigation tools safeguard your assets.
  • Customizable widgets help you create tools that best suit your banking needs.
  • New features include Stop Pay (up to one year) and Cancel Stop Pay for greater security.
  • Faster troubleshooting is available with our Message Us feature.

Your initial log in

  • All current users of online banking should have received an activation email on Monday, July 18, which contained a username and a link to set up your new password and your Multi-Factor Authentication preferences.
  • With your new credentials handy, go to, select Log In in the upper right corner, select Commercial Advantage, then select Log In.

    Activate your service promptly—the credentials we email you will expire 7 days after receipt.

  • You can also download the free First Citizens Commercial Advantage mobile app and log in using the same online banking credentials.

Essentials to know

Over the weekend of July 16 to 17, we arranged for the automatic transfer of:

  • All of your accounts
  • Most—but not all—of your user entitlements
  • The last 13 months of your statement history
  • The last 90 days of your transaction history
  • Many—but not all—of your templates

Beginning Monday, July 18, be sure to complete the following:

Beginning Tuesday, July 19:

  • You can review your eStatement preferences.
  • Administrators will need to continue to review user entitlements to ensure users have permission to view eStatements.

For a comprehensive listing of Action Items covering every treasury management product, please visit the Action Items Checklist.

Digital Banking

Commercial Advantage

Accurately track cash flow

Manage your business on the go

Keep your assets secure

Digital Banking

Commercial Advantage

Accurately track cash flow

Digital Banking

Commercial Advantage

Manage your business on the go

Digital Banking

Commercial Advantage

Keep your assets secure

Additional resources

Commercial Advantage Learning Center

Our Learning Center puts all the information about Commercial Advantage at your fingertips.

Action Items Checklist

This helpful resource breaks down all the action items you need to take as you transition to First Citizens, by the services you use.

Profile Manager Quick Reference Guide

Understand how to self-service first name, last name, email address and enrollment factors in Profile Manager.


People often ask us


First Citizens Digital Banking Commercial Advantage™ is our commercial online banking platform.

To access Commercial Advantage, go to, select Log In in the upper right corner, select Commercial Advantage, then select Log In.

Yes. Use your former Client ID—called a Customer ID at FCB—and User ID as your username in the format of CUSTOMERID.USERID (i.e. 1234567.JohnSmith). You should have received an email on July 18 to activate your account and set a permanent password.

Access to your BeB profile was removed on July 15, 2022. You have access to Commercial Advantage beginning July 18, 2022.

In some instances, you may need to take action to provide the smoothest transition. Visit the Action Items Checklist for more information about steps to take.

Yes. QuickBooks, Quicken and Mint will be available. However, your action was required prior to and on July 18, 2022, to disconnect all current accounts and reconnect services to Commercial Advantage. Use the Conversion Instructions for Intuit Products User Guide (PDF) to reestablish your connection to your Intuit services. If you need help troubleshooting, please contact Intuit support directly.

No. Bill Pay will transition to Commercial Advantage as you use it currently. View Conversion Weekend Timing Changes for more information. Also, view our Action Items Checklist for more information.

Some payment types will be referred to by different names. View the BeB and Commercial Advantage Payment Name Comparison Chart (PDF) for more information.

You'll access your commercial loan information reporting via Legacy Reports in Commercial Advantage. Step-by-step instructions can be found in the Access Commercial Loan Information Reporting via Legacy Reports Quick Reference Guide (PDF).

Entitlements are done at the company level, not the account level. Tips for reviewing your user entitlements can be found in the User Management Quick Reference Guide (PDF).


To make sure your templates will transition to Commercial Advantage, you should check account numbers, routing numbers and other required fields to ensure accuracy. Templates shouldn't include the following characters

: ; < = > ? @ [ ] ^ _ ` { } ~ | \ #

Due to transition capabilities, templates set as recurring were unable to transition as such—therefore, you'll need to open each template that you wish to be recurring and adjust accordingly. Instructions can be found in our Modify an Existing Template to a Recurring Template Quick Reference Guide (PDF).

Yes. Template names will be converted depending on payment type.

  • ACH templates will use the “Payment Type + ACH Company ID” naming convention
  • Wire templates will use the “Payment Type + last four of the From account + last four of the To account” naming convention

Templates in Needs Repair status indicate a field in the template isn't accurate. To repair the template, open the template and locate the error message. Once you've corrected the inaccurate field, select Save.

Templates may appear to be missing for a couple reasons:

  • Templates that had incorrect or insufficient details weren't transitioned to Commercial Advantage.
  • Internal Transfer templates weren't transitioned to Commercial Advantage and need to be re-created. Follow the instructions in the Create a New Transfer Template Quick Reference Guide (PDF) for reestablishing Internal Transfer templates.


No. Alerts will need to be re-created in Commercial Advantage. Refer to our Alerts Quick Reference Guide (PDF) available in our Commercial Advantage Learning Center.

Create a new recipient using your email address or phone number. Then, add the new recipient to that alert. Refer to our Creating Alerts video in the Learning Center for more information on setting up recipients and groups to receive alerts and choosing which alert types they receive.

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