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Lockbox Services

Summary of service

Lockbox services enable a company to simplify the collection and processing of payments.

Essentials to know

  • If you're taking advantage of specialized lockbox services, these services will continue to function as usual at First Citizens.
  • For customers who currently sign in to BeB, watch your email for log in credentials. You'll then access your services by going to, selecting Log In in the upper right corner, selecting Other Services, then selecting Lockbox - Online Treasury Solutions.

Additional resources

Lockbox Online Treasury Solutions Guide

For customers who sign in to BeB, refer to this Login Guide (PDF Coming Soon).


People often ask us

To access the Lockbox platform, visit, select Log In in the upper right corner, select Other Services and finally select Lockbox – Online Treasury Solutions. For further login instructions, review the Lockbox Services Quick Reference Guide (PDF).

No. Your ID will remain the same. However, you'll receive an email with more information either the week of June 27 or July 14 if you accessed Lockbox in BeB via Single Sign On, or SSO.

No. Your actual Lockbox service will not be changing. The only change will be how you access the Lockbox portal.

No. The remittance address will remain the same.

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