Moving Your Money

Cash Vault Services

Summary of service

Cash Vault Services simplify the movement of your currency, giving you the ability to choose your own armored car vendor, make secure deposits and place timely currency orders while minimizing trips to the bank.

Essentials to know

  • Continue to work with the armored carrier of your choice, or we can help coordinate a change to a new carrier if you prefer.
  • We'll contact you via email regarding procedural changes in deposit preparation and cash vault locations.
  • Note that any training or hardware will be provided by Brink's US or Loomis Armored US, who are also contracted to supply digital support for these services.
  • Wednesday, July 13: Last day to use current CIT deposit tickets.

People often ask us

Yes. You'll continue to use the same armored car service as you've done in the past. However, you'll need to notify them of the change in drop location.

Yes. You'll need to use a new deposit ticket using your First Citizens account number, as well as becoming accustomed to new verbiage on the deposit bag. You'll receive individualized instructions in late June.

You'll receive an email the week of June 20 with the details of your new drop location and other important information.

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