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Purchasing Card Cardholder

First Citizens Bank makes it easy for Visa Purchasing Card cardholders to view and manage card activity online with 360Control, a flexible web-based card management system that's simple to access and use.

Welcome to your online training. We'll explore how you can access your accounts, review transaction activity, view statements, upload receipts and enter cost allocation details with ease and efficiency.

To get started, log in to 360Control. If you're a new user, please refer to your quick reference guide for instructions on how to log in and authenticate your account.

Upon login, the dashboard offers instant access to information for one or multiple cards. Simply select a card from the drop-down menu. From one secure location, you can see key information at a glance such as balances and credit limits, recent activity, and total spend by month. Click the transactions tab to easily navigate to transactions where you can view all purchasing card transactions in a single view. Convenient icons allow you to see transaction status details including split information and whether or not a receipt is attached.

Select a transaction for an instant snapshot or click the icon to open the full details view. Need to attach a receipt? With a click of a button, you're able to browse, choose and upload a digital receipt. Then click the check box to indicate whether or not there is a hard copy of the receipt. Scroll down the transaction detail pane to view additional information such as transaction date, post date, and more.

Convenient drop-down menus allow you to enter cost allocation information. Some companies will have only one allocation level while others may have up to 12. In this example, the levels are Account, Department and Invoice number. To update the codes, from the menu select more, then choose the appropriate valid code for the allocation level selected.

Some companies may also utilize free text allocation levels. Invoice number is a free text field for this company and the user would key in a value instead of selecting a valid code from a drop-down. You also have the option to provide a comment if needed. if the transaction requires approval by an administrator, click the review button to show that you have reviewed the transaction and it is ready for approval.

360Control also gives you the ability to access up to 16 months of monthly statements online. Click the cards tab to view a high level card summary including details, such as credit limit and current balance as well as contact details. In addition, quick links allow you to view statements or access card authorizations and declines. On this screen, you can see your available credit limit and current ballots as well as transactions that have been declined or approved.

Click settings to customize your view by changing the column positions. You can also print or output the details in an excel file. Keep all your information up to date with the ability to change your password, update your user name, select a different language and more.

Easy to access simple to use—First Citizens 360Control puts the tools you need right at your fingertips. For further assistance, please contact a Visa Purchasing Card training specialist directly at 844-395-3114.

Purchasing Card Administrators

First Citizens Bank 360Control gives purchasing card administrators the control and flexibility to manage every aspect of the program with ease and efficiency.

Welcome to your online training where we'll show you how to access card transactions, view statements, generate inquiry reports, manage accounts and more.

Begin by logging in to 360Control. First-time users should refer to your quick reference guide for instructions on how to log in and authenticate your account. Upon login, your 360Control program administrator dashboard provides instant access to information including a workflow summary of transactions that have been imported into the system, total spend by month and a transaction summary of the top ten merchants by utilizing the transaction count and MCC code.

The dashboard also provides important notifications of user lockouts as well as a list of reports that are available for download. Click the transactions tab to easily view cardholder transactions in one location. Status icons indicate the status of a transaction. For instance, if there's a digital receipt attached or if a cardholder has marked that they have retained the hard copy of a receipt. There are also icons for split transactions and transaction comments. Simply expand a transaction to see the details along with the corresponding allocation codes. Find transactions faster with the ability to quickly filter by date, status billing amount, cardholder and much more.

Select any transaction to view the detail panel or click the icon to access and print the full detail view. From the transaction pane, you have the ability to view details such as billing amount, currency and attached receipt. Additional details include transaction and post date, the merchant, status, and more. 

You can also view and modify the cost allocation, add a comment, and approve the transaction. Click the statements tab to view individual cardholder statements as well as your control account statement for the selected time period

360Control also provides a variety of reports all available under the inquiry tab. Simply select a report from the drop-down menu such as cardholder activity inquiry and card without spending query. The new version of 360Control enables you to easily manage all users and cards in the system from one convenient location. At a glance status icons indicate if a card is active, a user is active, a user is locked and if the user is a reviewer and/or an approver.

Add a new card or noncardholder user with ease. Click settings to customize your workflow and click output to export information from any screen. Select a user to easily modify details such as changing a user's status from inactive to active or updating their role. View card details or edit the users login information including changing their username and password. You can also unlock user accounts and update contact information. In addition, you can change the authorization strategy and set permanent or temporary credit limit increases or decreases.

You also have the ability to assign a cost allocation system. Quick links are available to edit user preferences and view authorizations and declines. From the administration menu, select company auths and declines to view authorizations and declines from across your organization. With the ability to sort by transaction date merchants and more.

To run an export, first access the previous version of 360Control. Select extract report and update the export criteria. Ff you're not ready to map transactions to a completed status, it's important to remember you must click export dummy run. Once you click export real run, it cannot be undone. After your report has been generated, click download exports to view select and output the file. To access the business event audit trail functionality, select business event audit trail from the administration menu. Here you can review a complete list of all the changes made in the system

Real-time access combined with easy-to-use tools, First Citizens 360Control offers you a total solution for effectively managing purchasing card programs.

For further assistance, please contact a Visa Purchasing Card training specialist directly at 844-395-3114.

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