Process an ACH Batch

In this video, you'll learn how to create and modify an ACH payment by starting with an ACH template.  

Let's begin by hovering over "Payments & Transfers" and select "Payment Management". Click “Add A New Payment” from the Payments List View.

From the "Add Payment" window, select the “Select a Payment Template” radio button. You can either choose a template from the drop down list or begin to type in any part of the template name and all templates meeting that criteria will be displayed.  

Once selected, click "Continue".

The new payment screen will display with a number of fields pre-populated from the template. Some fields are protected while others can be modified. 

To modify an amount, you can either click on the "Actions" menu drop down and select "Modify" for each beneficiary or use the "Edit Amounts" dropdown. 

By clicking on "Edit Amounts", you can change the amount for each payment.  

The "Edit" option allows you to change the amount for each beneficiary.  

The "Clear All Amounts" option resets all amounts to zero for all payments in the batch.  

Using "Adjust Amounts" allows you to increase or decrease amounts by either a percent change or a dollar amount change.

For instance, to increase all amounts by 15%, select the "All" radio button, choose "Increase by %" and enter "15" in the blank field.

Click "Apply" and all payment amounts will increase by 15%.

Conversely, if you want to decrease just the first payment by $100, select the checkbox in front of the payment, then click "Edit Amounts".  

Select the "Selected Rows" radio button and choose "Decrease Amount By", then enter 100 in the next box and click "Apply". 

 Notice that the first payment amount has decreased by $100.

"Edit Hold" allows you to set payments on hold for some or all beneficiaries in the batch.  

Click "Edit" to set a hold on an individual payment, or use the "Hold All" option to place all payments on hold.  

"Unhold All" will remove the hold flag for all payments.

If you are not yet ready to submit this payment for processing, click the "Save for Later" button.  

The "Cancel" button will return you back to the Payment Center. Once you have made all necessary changes, click the "Submit" button.  

A "Payment Submitted" confirmation will be displayed providing details on the batch and you'll see the new payment in the "Payments List View".  

The payment is ready for approval based on your organizations policies and user entitlements.

Thank you for watching this video where we have reviewed how to create an ACH payment by using an ACH template, and how to modify those payments for holds and amounts.

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