IBM Security Trusteer Rapport Software

We're dedicated to maintaining the highest possible level of online security, and we take seriously our responsibility to protect the financial information you entrust to us. You probably already have antivirus software on your computer, but that may not be enough. Your financial information could be at risk if your personal or professional computer is compromised by a virus or malicious software. We have partnered with IBM to offer Trusteer Rapport at no charge to your business.

What is Trusteer Rapport?

Trusteer Rapport is security software that helps protect your online banking and other online activities from identity theft and fraud. In the future, Trusteer Rapport will be required for all First Citizens Business Online Banking (BOB) Advantage® customers accessing and sending ACH and wires. That's why we encourage you to download it now.

How does Trusteer Rapport protect your business?

Trusteer Rapport provides businesses with the following features:

  • Confirms that you're connected to the BOB Advantage website as well as other sites that you register
  • Protects your PC and login credentials
  • Works with your existing antivirus software and firewall
  • Blocks malicious financial malware and malicious sites
  • Detects phishing automatically and protects you from phishing scams
  • Provides a global threat intelligence service

What are the system requirements?

Trusteer Rapport is available for Windows® or Mac OS® based operating systems and works with these major web browsers: Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome™, Mozilla Firefox® and Safari®.

You'll need administrative rights on your computer to complete the installation process. If you don't have administrative rights to your computer, please contact your business' IT support for installation help

Installing Rapport won't disrupt your online activity and you won't have to restart your browser or computer

How can you install Trusteer Rapport on your computer?

  • Select the Get Download button above to install Trusteer Rapport for free on your computer.
  • Then, select First Citizens Bank & Trust North Carolina from the drop down menu.
  • Choose the relevant operating system (Windows or Mac).

Trusteer Rapport is free for First Citizens BOB Advantage customers.

How do I know it's working?

Once you've downloaded and installed Trusteer Rapport, a green icon appears on your web browser

If you are on an unprotected site, a gray icon will display instead. If want to add a website to your Trusteer Rapport-protected site list, click the grey icon.

Note: Trusteer Rapport supports screen readers, magnifying software and other assistive technologies. After downloading Trusteer Rapport, click Advanced in the installation menu to install in screen-reader compatibility mode.

Want to see how IBM Trusteer Rapport works?

At this very moment millions of bank customers are accessing their accounts online. While we all benefit from the convenience of online banking, there are cyber criminals who may exploit these opportunities to get their hands on your money.

Studies show that on average even the most effective antivirus only succeeds in detecting about twenty-five percent of virus and malware. Since these undetected malware can fully control an online banking session to extract personal and financial information and even automatically steal it while you're watching your screen, clearly our money is at risk. And that's why your bank is offering you IBM Security Trusteer Rapport security software to protect your online banking.

It seamlessly detects your tax and prevents them by removing the malware automatically from your computer immediately notifying the bank's security and fraud teams to further protect your money. After quick and easy installation, you'll see a green Trusteer Rapport icon on the browser address bar assuring you that you're protected. Provided by your bank free of charge, it fully respects your privacy, doesn't burden your computer and won't conflict with your existing antivirus.

Backed by IBM Security's intelligence gathered from around 300 million endpoints, Trusteer Rapport continuously adapts itself to emerging threats to truly prevent financial fraud risks helping you protect your money IBM Security.

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