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Online Bill Pay

+What can Bill Pay do for me?
Bill Pay shortens the amount of time you spend paying bills each month. It allows you to schedule regular payments for those bills you pay each month such as utilities, mortgage payments, and credit cards. Bill Pay also gives you the flexibility to make one-time payments. Simply add the biller information and then enter the payment amount and date. Once the biller is set up, it will be there next time you want to make a payment and all you will need to enter is the date and amount.
+What if I don't want to use Bill Pay?
Bill Pay is an optional service. If you are just now enrolling in Online Banking, you will be automatically enrolled in Bill Pay for the first four months. If you don't make a payment during the introductory period the service will be canceled. If you would like to cancel the service prior to that time, please call us at 1.888.FC DIRECT (1.888.323.4732) and we will be happy to help you. You may also send us a secure message request through Personal Online Banking.
+How much does Bill Pay cost?
Bill Pay is free for First Citizens Online Banking customers. Fees may apply to services used in Bill Pay. Other account-related fees still apply. For further details, see the fee schedule.
+What if two people want to share a Bill Pay account?
A checking account is required for Bill Pay. If it's a joint account, each account holder can use the same account for Bill Pay. However, each account holder should enroll in Online Banking and Bill Pay individually.
+How does it work?
Simply set up the biller and schedule the payment for the date you want the money to arrive. Payment processing begins up to four business days in advance of the due date. You cannot change your payment instructions once the processing has begun. The money will be debited from your account on the due date you specified.
+Who can I pay?
You can make payments to almost any merchant or business within the United States, as long as you provide us with a valid name, address, phone number and your account number with that biller. Merchants rely on the account number to post the payment properly, so be careful with this information.

The payment of taxes, court ordered payments, payments to transfer funds to another bank account, and payments to payees located outside the continental United States are prohibited. You will be solely responsible for any payments to prohibited payees if we refuse to make the payment, or the payment is delayed or improperly processed.

+How do I set up people/businesses to pay?
After clicking the Bill Pay tab, click on Add a Bill. You need to fill in all of the requested information about your payee such as your account number with that payee, address, and contact telephone number. Pay special attention to the account number.
+How do I know that payments will arrive on time?
Set up your payments for the date the money is to arrive at the payee. Processing starts before that date so that it will arrive on time. We will set up the debit to your account so that your account is debited on the day the money arrives at the payee.
+How do I set up payments?
You must first properly set up the payee as described above. When you click the Payments tab, you will see the list of billers that you have set up. From here, click on a biller, fill in the required fields and click Make Payments. We take care of the rest. It's just that easy!
+What if I need to change a payment? Or delete a payment?
You may change or cancel a payment listed in the Pending Payments list as long as it has not started processing. If a payment is in process or has already occurred, there is no option to change or cancel the payment.
+From which accounts can I pay my bills?
You can pay your bills from any First Citizens checking account listed on your Account Summary within Online Banking. When you initially sign up for Bill Pay, only one checking account is enrolled. If you would like to add another checking account to the service, simply log in to Online Banking and click the Customer Service tab, then Enroll an Account in Bill Pay. If you need help, please call us at 1.888.FC DIRECT (1.888.323.4732).
+When is my account debited for a bill payment?
Your account is debited on the day the payment is scheduled to arrive at your payee.
+If I have a bill payment NSF, how do I get the payment to be rescheduled?
The system will retry the debit to your account one time, however you are responsible for having the money in your account on the days you have scheduled bill payments. You may be charged a fee for insufficient funds.
+What if I have trouble with a bill payment

If you think you have a bill payment problem, it may be related to the time it takes a merchant to actually post a payment to your account, rather than the time it takes a payment to arrive. You may wish to contact the merchant first to see if there were any delays in posting it to your account.

All payments sent through the Bill Pay system will include the account number you provided when you set up the payee. You may want to check to make sure the account number you provided is accurate.

If a payment has been outstanding for more than five business days, we can open a payment investigation at your request. We will work with the merchant to find where your payment is and why it took so long for the merchant to post the payment to your account. We will work with the merchant until your payment investigation is resolved and keep you updated through bank mail on the progress.

+What determines whether a payment is made electronically or by check?
The bill payment system determines which payments are processed electronically and which are processed as a check. Each day the bill payment system gathers the payments to be sent that morning and determines whether the payee will accept electronic payments. If an electronic payment method is not accepted, a check is cut and mailed to the address you provided.
+Is it possible to stop a bill payment after it has been sent to the merchant?
If a payment is in process or has already occurred, there is no option to stop or change the payment.
+Why would a bill payment be returned?
Merchants will return a bill payment for an invalid address or account number. The post office will also return a bill payment because of an invalid address.
+How will I know that payments have been made?
Once a payment has been made, it will be clearly itemized on your monthly bank statement. You will be able to see the payment in your transaction list in Online Banking as soon as it posts to your account. Keep in mind that we only make the payments you authorize. You are in control of your account at all times.

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