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Online Banking

+What is Personal Online Banking?
Personal Online Banking is a free service designed to help you easily manage your accounts. It allows you to view your account information, transfer money between your accounts, pay your credit accounts, and perform other self-service tasks. Combined with the optional Bill Pay service, Online Banking makes it easy and convenient to manage your money online, anytime.
+What do I need to use it?
All you need to use Online Banking is an Internet connection and a current version of a web browser. We recommend you use the most up-to-date versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Minimum system requirements are:
  • Internet Explorer (IE) 11 and higher
  • Chrome 38 and higher
  • Firefox 33 and higher
  • Safari 7.0 and higher
+How do I sign up?
You can sign up online if you currently have an active First Citizens Visa Debit Card or ATM Card.
If you do not have an active First Citizens Visa Debit Card or ATM Card, please visit your local branch or call us. We'll be glad to help you sign up.
+Is my Password case sensitive?
Yes. If you select your new Password in all lower case letters, you will need to always type it in lower case. Be careful of the CAPS LOCK key under the TAB key. It is a very easy and common mistake to press the CAPS LOCK key and then quickly lock yourself out of Personal Online Banking.
+Can joint account holders sign up?
Each account holder should enroll individually in Online Banking. Since the Bill Pay service is associated with an individual, both customers may use the same checking account for Bill Pay but can only see pending payments they schedule individually. Once the payments post, both customers can see them in the list of posted transactions on the account. This is true for Funds Transfer as well.
+Is there any cost?
Online Banking and Bill Pay are free to all First Citizens customers. Fees may apply to services used in Online Banking. Other account-related fees still apply. For further details, see the fee schedule.
+After I sign up, when can I start using it?
In most cases, if you enroll online you will be able to access Online Banking right away. If you enroll through the branch or call center you will have access to Online Banking within one business day after you sign up and may begin using it then. Either way, you will receive a welcome email with login instructions once Online Banking is set up. Please call us if you do not promptly receive the welcome email.
+How do I log in to Online Banking the first time?
To access Online Banking, you will need to know your Customer ID and Password. This information is provided to you when you sign up. The welcome email gives instructions on how to connect to Online Banking for the first time. For more details, refer to our Secure Login Guide.
+What accounts can I manage with Online Banking?
You will be able to view all of your personal accounts. This includes personal checking and savings, CDs, IRAs, consumer loans, credit cards, and lines of credit. You will see your Investor Services1 and Trust accounts, but you must sign in to those online services to get detailed account information or make trades.
+What are Quicken® and QuickBooks® and how do I use them?

Quicken and QuickBooks are examples of financial management software. You can use Online Banking to download your transactions to this software in order to manage your finances.

Receive the Assistance You Need

If you need technical assistance or help getting started with your software or downloading transactions, please visit the Quicken2 or QuickBooks2 websites.

Start Using Quicken or QuickBooks Today

+How do I save the Quicken Web Connect data to my computer?

To save the Quicken Web Connect data to your computer, do the following:

  1. From within Quicken, click Edit then Preferences.
  2. Next, select Quicken Program, then click the "Web Connect" option.
  3. Check the box that reads "Give me the option of saving to a file whenever I download Web Connect data" and click OK.
+How do I change the transactions displayed within Online Banking?
If you need to narrow the transactions displayed on the screen, you will need to scroll down to Transaction Search. Type in the Transaction Dates or Check Range to narrow your list of transactions. This feature is useful to find out if certain checks have cleared your account and for narrowing the transactions to download into Quicken or Microsoft Money.
+I'm trying to use Web Connect, but the transactions are not downloading. What should I do?
  1. Open your Quicken software.
  2. Select the account you wish to access with Web Connect (checking, savings, etc).
  3. Click the Overview tab, located above the Register.
  4. Under the Account Attributes section, click and select Change Online Services.
  5. The Financial Institution name, located just above "Transaction Download", must reflect "First Citizens Bank, Web Connect" in order to function properly. If the Financial Institution name does NOT reflect this name, click and select "Deactivate" in the Transaction Download option.
  6. Once Transaction Download is deactivated, click the General Information tab at the top of the screen.
  7. Under the "Financial Institution" box, double click to view a list of all banks who are compatible with Quicken's online services. Click and select the Institution "First Citizens Bank, Web Connect".

    NOTE: If you are unable to locate "First Citizens Bank, Web Connect" in the list, click and select the One Step Update option. This option can be found under the Online menu, or simply by clicking the Update symbol next to the Back button. Uncheck all of the options under One Step Update, then select Update Now. This will update your Quicken software, which will also update your Financial Institution list to reflect the "First Citizens Bank, Web Connect" option.

  8. Click back onto the Online Services tab.
  9. Under the Transaction Download option, click the Activate button.
  10. You will then be directed to the First Citizens web site, along with instructions on how to use Web Connect. Log into your Online Banking and attempt to download your transactions.
  11. Once the transactions are downloaded, go back to your Quicken register. The downloaded transactions will be located just below your register.
  12. Click Accept All to add any or all of the downloaded transactions to your register.
+Can I transfer money to my First Citizens credit card? To my consumer loan?
Yes. You can make transfers from any of your checking, savings, or money market accounts to your First Citizens credit cards, consumer loans, and lines of credit. A transfer to a credit account will post to your accounts as a payment by the next business day. You cannot transfer money to your Investor Services1 accounts.
+Can I transfer money to my savings accounts? To my checking accounts?
Yes. You can make transfers from your checking, savings, or money market accounts to your First Citizens savings and checking accounts. Transfers can be set up as immediate, future-dated, or recurring. A transfer to a savings or checking account is immediate, but will post to your accounts by the next business day.
+Can I view check and deposit images with Online Banking?
Yes. You will be able to view the front and back images of your checks. Simply click on your account name (from the Account tab or the homepage), then click on the check number to view the image. Images of deposited items are available as well by clicking on the link in the deposit transaction detail.
+How can I be sure the site is secure?
If you would like to see if any page is secure, simply click with your right mouse button on the page and choose Properties. A non-secure page will show the words "not encrypted" for connection. Rest assured, your entire session is secured. Also, whenever you visit the site, look for the green bar in your browser. It indicates that the website is highly authenticated and secure.
+Can I bookmark Online Banking for a quick look at my accounts?
Online Banking creates a new session with the bank every time you log in. You cannot bookmark specific pages within a session, because when you try to return later, the session will not be there. Bookmark our homepage. We will keep a link directly from that page to the Online Banking login page.
+Why does it sometimes seem slow?
Several things influence your connection speed. Your PC and Internet connection are just part of the equation. When you connect to the bank there is an additional process of setting up security and authenticating your identity. The various levels of security involved influence this process. Once you are authenticated, we make the call for your account information. Since we return information about all your accounts, the process may take a little longer than just asking for details on a single account.
+Can I do anything to make it faster?
Make sure you have a good Internet connection. When dialing, check the speed at which you connect. Check your network/communication settings to make sure you can connect as fast as possible. Check with your Internet service provider to see if they have recommendations for faster connections. Check your browser and make sure you delete temporary files from time to time. Most browsers save files locally for faster access later. If you end up with too many, you can actually slow things down as you look for new web pages.
+Why do I keep getting locked out?
The most common reason for getting locked out is keying an incorrect Password. This usually happens when the CAPS LOCK is accidentally used. Since your Password is case sensitive, the use of a capital letter when it should be lower case will be recognized as an incorrect Password. Another cause of getting locked out continuously is the use of an incompatible browser version. If you know you are keying in your Password correctly (also in the right case), you will want to check the version of your browser. More than likely the browser you are using is not a current version, and you will need to upgrade. If you are locked out, please use the Forgot My Customer ID/Password link or contact an Online Banking representative to reset your Password.
+Why do I keep getting timed-out?
Your session will time-out when it remains inactive for a certain period. Activity is anything that creates an interaction between your browser and our web site. For example, typing into fields on a web page does not constitute activity. However, clicking on buttons or following links creates activity between your browser and our web site. If you do nothing for the specified timeout period, your Online Banking session is terminated. You can change your timeout setting by clicking Update My Profile in the Customer Service tab.
+What do I do when I'm finished with an Online Banking session?
Use the Log Out button to safely end your session. This will log you out and prevent someone from coming along behind you and accessing your bank information.

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