Apple Pay® is here.


An easier, secure way
to pay on the go.

Checking out at your favorite stores has never been easier. Apple Pay® is fast, secure and works seamlessly with your First Citizens Visa® Credit and Debit cards.

Step 1: Link

Link your First Citizens Visa Credit and Debit cards to your eligible Apple device.

Step 1: Link

Step 2: Pay

To pay, use Touch ID™ and hold your phone near the reader at checkout.

Step 2: Pay

Step 3: View

View recent transactions and card activity with the First Citizens Mobile Banking App.

Step 3: View

Use our free Mobile & Tablet App to track your purchases.

Our app lets you:

  • Check account balances
  • Deposit checks right from your phone
  • Pay bills and more

Download the Digital Banking
Mobile & Tablet app on iTunes®

Available on the App Store
First Citizens Mobile Banking App

Eligible Cards

All consumer First Citizens Visa Credit and Debit cards work with Apple Pay. You will still receive the same rewards and earnings using this payment method.

Need to open a checking account? Learn more.
Need to apply for a credit card? Learn more.


Which devices can I use with Apple Pay?
For a list of eligible devices, visit Apple here.
Which First Citizens cards will work with Apple Pay?
All Consumer First Citizens Visa® Credit and Debit cards are eligible excluding: Equity Line of Credit cards and First Citizens Visa® Gift Cards.
Will I still earn rewards when I use Apple Pay?
Yes! When you use your First Citizens Rewards® Card with Apple Pay®, you'll continue to enjoy all the same rewards, benefits, and protections that come with it.
How safe is Apple Pay?
Because Apple Pay® relies on fingerprint identification, only you can use it. Your actual credit or debit card information is never shared with merchants or with Apple. Learn more.
Who accepts Apple Pay?
For a full list of participating retailers, click here, or look for the contactless payment symbol at checkout.
How do I set my First Citizens card as my default card to use?
To set your default card, go to Wallet in your iPhone settings.
Are Apple Pay purchases covered by fraud protection?
Yes, Visa's Zero Liability Guarantee covers fraudulent purchases made with your First Citizens Visa® Credit and Debit cards, even through Apple Pay®.
How will I know when a payment is successful?
After completing a payment through Apple Pay®, a confirmation will appear in the Wallet app on your iPhone®.
Is Apple Pay free to use?
First Citizens does not charge to use Apple Pay®. Your mobile carrier may apply charges based on your data plan.
What if I need help with Apple Pay?
We're here to help. Contact us or learn more about Apple Pay® here.