Manage My MoneySM

Take control of your financial life by understanding where your money is, where it's going and how it's helping you achieve your goals. View all of your accounts - even those at other financial institutions - track your spending, create and manage budgets, and more. Any time, from any device.

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Take control of your financial life

View and add all of your accounts, from anywhere

  • Add and manage all of your accounts, including checking, savings, mortgage, credit cards, loans, and investments, even those with other financial institutions
  • View categorized transactions for all of your accounts
  • Manually add accounts to include the equity in your home or other property, fully paid for vehicles, art or jewelry collections or other things of value to you

View Spending

  • See how much you spend on utilities, food, gas, mortgage or rent payments, shopping and more
  • Create custom sub-categories, re-categorize items and split transactions into multiple categories to more accurately illustrate spending behaviors
  • Easily edit and manage spending categories based on your needs
  • Track both personal and business expenses

Manage Budgets

  • Set monthly budgets to manage your spending
  • Classify expenses into categories to understand where your money is being spent; the larger the budget item, the larger the circle
  • Color indicators allow you to quickly recognize how you're tracking to your budget

Track Debt

  • View aggregated debt, including loans and credit cards linked from other financial institutions
  • View balances, last payment and amount due for each account
  • Analyze payoff timeframes by understanding accounts with the fastest payoff, highest interest, lowest balance or highest balance
  • Set monthly payment targets to help you become debt-free sooner

Monitor Net Worth

  • Understand your complete financial picture by linking all of your accounts with other financial institutions
  • View your net worth at a point in time and monitor how it changes over time
  • Analyze specific gains and losses for each account over the prior month