Securely and conveniently keep track of your account activity with text and email alerts. Set up alerts to notify you when certain types of transactions occur on your account. Use security alerts to make sure you know when your account is being accessed, and much more.

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Account Alerts

Account alerts notify you when certain transactions occur. Set up the following alerts to receive updates on your account activity:

  • Daily Balance Alert: receive a daily alert with your current balance
  • Balance Alert: set a specific account balance amount and receive an alert when your balance is either over or under that amount
  • Transaction Alerts: receive alerts when certain transactions occur on your account, or when transactions over or under a certain amount occur
  • Overdraft Protection Alert: receive notification any time your account is overdrawn and overdraft protection is used to pay the transaction
  • Insufficient Funds Alert: receive an alert when your account does not have enough funds available to cover a transaction

To set up Account Alerts:

  1. Log in to Digital Banking
  2. On the main menu, select Alerts > Account Alerts
  3. On the Account Alerts page, select the accounts you would like to monitor with alerts

Online Security Alerts

Online Security Alerts help you monitor and protect your account from unauthorized access. First Citizens automatically provides you with several Online Security Alerts, and you can set up additional alerts to further protect your account(s). You can receive notifications via text message, email or phone call when attempts are made to change or access your account, including:

  • Address changes
  • Profile changes, including login ID, password or contact information changes
  • Account login attempts, including successful logins and invalid password attempts
  • Logins from new, unknown or unregistered computers or mobile devices
  • Attempts to login using the reset password function
  • Money movement, including when a new payment recipient is added, an external account is added or an external funds transfer is initiated1

To learn more about using Online Security Alerts to further protect your account information:

  1. Log in to Digital Banking
  2. On the main menu, select Alerts > Online Security Alerts
  3. From the Online Security Alerts page, select the alerts you want to set up