Securely and conveniently keep track of your account and card activity with text and email alerts.

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When you enroll in Digital Banking, you're automatically set up with several security alerts to help keep your account safe. Customize alerts to notify you when certain types of activities or transactions occur on your account.

  • Account Alerts notify you when certain transactions occur, such as balance updates for checking and savings accounts and when your overdraft protection has been used.
  • Card Alerts to notify you about your debit and credit card activity, such as your card's purchase transactions (including card not present & international transactions), payment updates, and balance alerts.
  • Online Security Alerts notify you in the case of certain activity on your Digital Banking profile, such as login attempts, an address or password change, and many more.

To customize your alerts:

  1. Log in to Digital Banking
  2. On the main menu, select Alerts > Account Alerts, Online Security Alerts, or Card Alerts
  3. On each of these pages, customize the alerts and how you want to be notified