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Cell Phone Protection

What is cell phone protection?
Subject to the Visa Guide to Benefit, P D F opens in a new window, cell phone protection will repair, replace, or reimburse the qualified cardholder for damage to or theft of their eligible cell phone(s). Cell phone protection is subject to a $50 deductible per claim and has a maximum benefit limit of $500 per claim and $1,000 per a rolling twelve month period.
Do I need to enroll in the program?
There’s no need to enroll. Enrollment in the program is automatic as long as you pay your monthly cell phone bill with your personal First Citizens Visa Credit Card.
When does cell phone protection begin?
Once you pay your cell phone bill using your First Citizens Visa Credit Card, protection begins the first day of the calendar month that follows. If you fail to make your cell phone bill payment in a particular month, protection will be suspended, but will resume on the first day of the calendar month following any future cell phone bill payments with your First Citizens Visa Credit Card.
How many phones are protected?
As long as you pay the entire bill with your personal First Citizens Visa Credit Card, the primary line and up to the first two secondary lines as listed on your monthly cell phone bill are covered. Any additional phones are not covered in the plan.
What if my monthly cell phone bill includes five cell phone lines?
Only the first three lines listed on your monthly phone bill will be covered.
Do I need to keep copies of receipts and statements?
Yes. If you need to file a claim, you will need copies of the First Citizens Visa Credit Card statement that reflects your monthly cell phone bill payment during the time of the damage or theft. You will also need to provide your cell phone bill that lists the damaged or stolen cell phone, and your store receipt that shows you purchased your cell phone and the amount you paid.
Does my personal insurance include cell phone protection?
It may, as personal insurance (i.e., homeowner’s, renter’s, or automobile), varies by customer. Contact your insurance carrier for more information about your coverage. If you do have other insurance coverage, this coverage would be secondary to your personal insurance coverage.
Is a lost cell phone covered?
No. Phones that are lost or misplaced are not covered.
Is a stolen cell phone covered?
If the claim is due to theft or criminal action, a copy of the police report filed within forty-eight hours of the occurrence is required. Phones stolen from a construction site or from baggage (unless hand-carried and under your personal supervision) are not covered.
Are my phone case and charger also covered?
No. Phone accessories, other than standard battery and/or standard antenna provided by the manufacturer, are not covered.
I have a small crack on my screen. Can my phone be replaced?
Cosmetic damage or damage that does not impact the phone’s ability to make or receive phone calls are not covered.
How do I submit a claim?
Call the Benefit Administrator within 60 days of damage or theft. If you do not give such notice, your claim may be denied. The Benefit Administrator will ask you for some preliminary claim information and send you the appropriate claim form. This claim form must be completed, signed and returned with all the requested documentation within 90 days from the date of damage or theft of the eligible cell phone, or your claim may be denied.
What do I need to submit with my claim?
When submitting a claim, you will need to provide documentation to prove you purchased your phone (i.e., original store receipt), you paid your monthly bill with your First Citizens credit card and if your phone was stolen, you will need to provide a police report. Additional documentation may be required. Please see the Visa Guide to Benefit, P D F opens in a new window for full details.
How will I be reimbursed?
Depending on the nature of the damage, the Benefit Administrator may choose to repair or replace the phone or reimburse the cardholder for the current suggested retail price of a replacement cell phone of like kind and quality. This amount will exclude taxes, delivery and transportation charges, and any fees associated with the cellular phone service provider, less the $50.00 deductible.
What is the typical turnaround time for reimbursement?
Under normal circumstances, reimbursement will take place within 10 business days of receipt and approval of claim form and all required documents.
How many claims can I make?
Cell phone protection covers a maximum of two claims, per a rolling 12-month period.
Should I cancel my existing cell phone protection through my cellular service provider?
All protection is different. We recommend you review the Visa Guide to Benefit, P D F opens in a new window and compare to your current protection. Based on your needs, you can determine if it makes sense to continue paying a monthly fee for your current protection, or cancel it and utilize this benefit offered through First Citizens.

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