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Together Card®

The Together Card is a deposit account and debit card that is a safer alternative to a pre-paid card. You can access funds at ATMs, point of sale terminals and all First Citizens branches and, through Digital Banking, monitoring activity is easy. The Together Card can be used to help parents facilitate responsible spending by their children as well as for other purposes such as household budgeting.

You can easily access the Together Card account, through:

  • Digital Banking — Account holders can log in using their individual credentials.
  • Together Card — Account holders will receive their own individual debit card and PIN.
  • Mobile & Tablet Banking1 — Account holders can download the First Citizens Digital Banking Apple® and AndroidTM tablet and mobile apps.
You will need to provide the First Citizens Bank routing number (varies by state in which the account is opened) and the deposit account number provided at account opening. THIS ACCOUNT NUMBER IS DIFFERENT THAN YOUR VISA® DEBIT CARD NUMBER.
There are no monthly maintenance fees on the Together Card account for our Premier or Prestige checking customers. If the primary account holder has a Free Checking or Select Checking account, the monthly maintenance fee is $3. Other checking customers will pay an $8 monthly maintenance fee. An account owner must enroll the Together Card account for e.statements to avoid the monthly $3 paper statement fee. Additional per item transaction fees may apply. Please refer to the Disclosure of Products and Fees for details.

There are a number of ways to deposit money into the Together Card account:

There are no fees associated with funding the Together Card account.

You can access funds that are shown as available in your account. Cash deposits made at an ATM or a branch or Digital Banking transfers from your other First Citizens Bank accounts are available immediately. Funds deposited via check at an ATM, First Citizens branch or through Mobile Check Deposit are subject to the Funds Availability Policy (See the Digital Banking Agreement for more information).
If a merchant authorizes a transaction for an amount greater than the available balance in the account at that time, the transaction will generally be declined. However, rare circumstances may result in the account being overdrawn from an ATM, debit card transaction, or First Citizens Bill Pay. If this occurs, your account may be overdrawn, but you will not be charged an Overdraft Fee. A deposit must be made immediately to bring the account current.
No, the Together Card account will not be assessed an overdraft fee associated with ATM, debit card transactions, or First Citizens Bill Pay. An insufficient funds (NSF) fee may be assessed for a check or pre-authorized electronic (ACH) withdrawal rejected or returned due to insufficient funds.
Use your Together Card online, over the phone, and in-person anywhere Visa® is accepted. This includes supermarkets, clothing stores, drug stores, restaurants, web sites, gas station pumps, movie theaters and in many other places.
There is no limit to the number of Together Card accounts that you can have.

You can monitor your Together Card account usage through Digital Banking, which provide 24/7 access. You can set up text message and email alerts to provide notifications such as:

  • Daily balance
  • Balance threshold met (specific amount determined by you)
  • Authorized/posted transactions of specific amount (determined by you)

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