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CD-ROM Check Imaging

Summary of service

Receive images of cleared checks with your monthly statement or at other intervals on a CD-ROM. View and print check images, search and sort items, and export your check images to other software programs.

Essentials to know

  • You'll continue to receive images of paid checks and bank statements on CD-ROM.
  • Images of deposit tickets and deposited items will no longer be included; however, they are viewable in Commercial Advantage.
  • You'll receive a new encryption key in the mail within your first 2 weeks of service.

Additional resources

CD-ROM Check Imaging User Guide

Guide to help you get started using your CD-ROM Check Imaging service.

CD-ROM Key Imaging Quick Reference Guide

Steps you must take to load the CD encryption key onto your authorized computers to view the CD-ROM.

CD-ROM Imaging Quick Reference Guide

Instructions to help you view items, find and search for items, and more.


People often ask us

Your CD-ROM will include your monthly bank statement and images of your paid checks. Deposits and deposited checks won't be available on CD-ROM.

Deposits and deposited checks will be available in Commercial Advantage.

Your first CD-ROM will be sent to the business address on file via US mail by early August.

First Citizens CD-ROMs are encrypted. Prior to receiving your first CD-ROM, an encryption key will be generated and sent via US mail by the end of July.

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