Chip Enabled First Citizens Visa Credits Cards

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Try our chip-enabled First Citizens Visa® Credit Cards.

When it comes to credit card protection, you can never be too safe. That's why there's our chip-enabled First Citizens Visa® Credit Cards. With this technology, your credit card information will be more secure from fraudulent activity than ever before, and it will be accepted in more locations worldwide. To learn more about how it works, explore our FAQ section below.

Q: What is chip technology?

A: Chip technology, also referred to as EMV (Europay, MasterCard® and Visa®), is becoming the global standard for card payments. A small chip is embedded into the credit card plastic and every time you use your card at a chip-enabled terminal, the embedded chip generates a unique transaction code. This prevents stolen data from being fraudulently used.

Q: Is chip technology new?

A: No. The United States is one of the last countries to migrate to chip technology and is starting to shift to chip-enabled cards used at chip-enabled card readers. Chip technology has been fully adopted in over 130 countries around the world, and has proven to successfully increase security and reduce fraud resulting from counterfeit, lost and stolen cards.

Q: Are all First Citizens Visa® Credit Cards chip enabled?

A: Yes, all new First Citizens Visa credit cards will be issued as chip enabled. If you have an existing First Citizens Visa Credit Card that is not chip enabled and are planning to travel out of the country, please contact our BankCard Center at 1.800.763.0356 to request a replacement card.

Q: Where can I use chip-enabled cards?

A: Many merchants across the U.S. are beginning to accept chip card transactions, and this will continue to grow within the coming years as the U.S. fully migrates to this technology. For those merchants with non-chip-enabled terminals, our card also has a magnetic stripe so you can continue to swipe your card to make purchases. You'll enjoy greater acceptance when traveling internationally, as chip technology is the standard in over 130 countries including Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

Q: Do I need to change the way I use my chip-enabled card to pay for purchases online or via the phone?

A: No. You will continue to make those purchases/payments the same way you do today.

Q: Will I have to pay any fees to use my chip-enabled card?

A: No. There are no additional fees to use your new card.

Chip enabled card inserted into credit card machine
Here's How to Use Your Chip‑Enabled Card

Simply follow these 3 easy steps to pay at a chip-enabled terminal.

Three steps to insert card into credit card machine.
  1. Insert card, chip-face-up, into the terminal
  2. Wait for card to process and follow on-screen prompts
  3. Remove card and take receipt