International Paying & Receiving

There are several options for sending and receiving funds internationally

Let us work with you to determine the best option for handling your international transactions. We will help you evaluate and select the method to send or receive your funds based on the amount of the transaction and your delivery time frame.

Outgoing International Wire Transfer

  • Provides quick, cost-effective, electronic transfer of funds to overseas vendors/suppliers
  • Offers option to transfer U.S. dollars or one of more than 100 foreign currencies
  • Establishes exchange rate when wire is sent (for wires sent in foreign currency only)

Incoming Foreign Currency Wire

  • Conversion of incoming foreign currency payments, crediting the client’s account in U.S. dollars (some limitations apply)

International Draft

  • Denominated in foreign currency
  • Drawn on major banks around the world and cleared locally (in the foreign country)
  • Does not require beneficiary bank information or account number
  • Can be delivered to the payee by the client in-person or by mail
  • Makes small overseas transfers in a secure, convenient and cost-effective way when speed is not an issue
  • Eliminates shortage of funds or overpayment to foreign vendors/suppliers

Foreign Checks for Deposit

  • Lower cost than sending checks on collection
  • Quicker access to your funds on checks drawn on overseas banks