Foreign Exchange Services

The support you need in today’s global economy

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Whether you’re actively involved in international commerce or just starting out, First Citizens can help you avoid the difficulties many companies face when dealing with the complexities of foreign trade. Our services, support and advice can help you enhance your ability to conduct business, manage your cash flow and protect your bottom line.

Benefits of Foreign Exchange Services

Transactions sent or received in foreign-denominated currency can be locked to a specific exchange rate using a spot transaction or forward foreign exchange contract.

Spot Transactions

Lock your funds transfer to a current rate of exchange and are typically used for immediate delivery of funds.

  • Most currencies are delivered in two business days.
  • Take immediate advantage of good prevailing rates.

Forward Contracts

Allows for you to purchase or sell a specified amount of a foreign currency on a set future date, at an agreed-upon rate.

  • If exporting, you can lock in an exchange rate prior to your receivables coming due, to help protect against a depreciating currency.
  • If importing, you can establish a fixed value for payables, thereby securing your profit margin.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of choosing an outright forward contract with a specified future date or an option-dated forward contract to mature within a range of dates.

What is First Citizens F X Envoy

Multi-Currency Accounts (M C Aze)2 make it easier to manage inbound and outgoing foreign currency wires and help expand business outside the U S.

Benefits of M C Aze

  • Transactions received and sent in foreign currency can be deposited into an M C A, limiting a business’s exposure to market fluctuations.
  • Conduct outgoing wires.3
  • Choose when funds get converted into U S Dollars.
  • Pay your foreign vendor out of your M C A to manage funds more effectively.
  • M C Aze are not sweep accounts and are F D I C insured up to the maximum allowed by law.
  • Integrated with our online F X Web Portal – F X Envoy – so you can view balances, print statements and reconcile transactions from the convenience of your computer.