Tractor/Trailer Financing

Get your fleet on the road with affordable financing

Acquire the equipment your business needs and maintain your cash flow by financing your purchase through First Citizens. For road tractors and trailers, we offer both Capital Leases and TRAC (Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause) tax leases with custom tailored terms to meet your tax and/or accounting needs.

Financing solutions can be ideal for small and mid-sized companies with fleets of 10-100 units as well as for distributors and manufactures.

Select the right financing for your business

  • A Capital Lease/$1.00 Purchase Option
    • Frequently used to acquire an asset for your practice or business.
    • Allows your business to depreciate the cost of the equipment and expense the interest portion of the payment.
  • A Tax (True) Lease provides financing for the use of the equipment or vehicle with a structure that best meets your needs.
    • Allows you to expense Tax Lease payments and the bank depreciates the equipment.

It's simple and convenient

To get started, you simply identify the tractor and/or trailer you want to finance, select the dealer and negotiate pricing. Once we have credit approval, we will prepare the closing documents and pay the dealer for your purchase.

Features & Benefits:

  • 100% financing with the first and last payments required at closing, along with an administrative fee.
  • Lower lease payments obtained due, in part, to vehicle residual values.
  • Competitive lease rates frequently lower than commercial finance rates.
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