Zero Balance Accounts

Keep your money working for your business

A Zero Balance Account will automatically maintain your payment and depository accounts at a zero balance by transferring funds either from or to your master operating account. Zero Balance Accounts are designed to help you eliminate manual transfers of funds between accounts, reduce idle cash and prevent overdrafts.

At the end of each business day, First Citizens automatically transfers funds from your master account into other accounts in the exact amount needed to cover your payments. You simplify funds transfer activity while maintaining account autonomy.

Zero Balance Accounts allow you to consolidate all of your company's bank balances and create one pool of funds from which to determine your daily cash position and optimize funds.

Benefits of Zero Balance Accounts:

  • Eliminate idle balances in payment accounts to increase investment income or reduce borrowing costs.
  • Maintain separate bank accounts for internal auditing and accounting purposes.
  • Eliminate the need to initiate manual transfers.
  • Help prevent overdrafts and related costs.
  • Reduce administrative time and effort in monitoring daily cash positions.
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