Automatic Investment

Let your money work overtime

Keep excess cash in your business checking account working around the clock with First Citizens Automatic Investment and Automatic Loan Services. Excess funds can be used to generate investment returns1 and to help reduce debt or interest charges on your line of credit.

How it Works

At the end of the day, automatically transfer available cash balances in your operating account to predetermined short-term investments1. Or use available cash to automatically pay down a line of credit. The balances are then transferred back to the original account in the morning.

Benefits of Automatic Investment

  • If desired, set a target balance that will be maintained in your account to offset some or all service charges.
  • Select an overnight investment from two choices that enable you to earn highly competitive interest rates, preserve liquidity and minimize risk. Investments are made in increments of $1,0001.
  • If your line of credit has been paid off, or you don’t have a credit line, your excess cash goes directly to the investment you selected.
  • If you don’t need an investment option, excess cash goes directly to pay down your Capital Manager or Capital Line credit line to minimize your interest expense.
  • There are no manual transfers, as this process is fully automated.
  • Your company’s cash position is managed to its greatest potential.
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