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ACH Monitor

Entering Decisions

When I log in to Business Online Banking Advantage® (BOB Advantage®) I do not see any items pending (exceptions) for my decision, does this mean I do not need to do anything?
You may not have any exception items for today. Please follow the steps to View/Edit decisions from your ACH Monitor user manual to determine if you do not have items or if another user with permissions has previously entered a pay/return decision.
Am I notified when I have an exception?
Yes, if you have setup your preferences and email address(es) to receive an alert when you have exceptions. If you have an exception, it will be loaded into BOB Advantage for you to log in and view. The only way you will be notified outside of BOB Advantage is if you opt to set up an Alert for ACH Monitor and set your preferences to have that alert emailed to you on days where you have an exception. See the User Manual Section 1.3 Establishing Alerts.
I received an email alert on a Saturday. Do I have to decision those exceptions by 3:30 p.m. Eastern time on Saturday?
Items that the bank received on Friday will be available on Saturday morning for you to enter a decision, but the deadline to enter your decision is not until the next banking day at 3:30 p.m. Eastern time (normally Monday, but may be Tuesday if Monday is a bank holiday).
I do not want to keep seeing exceptions from this originator, how do I make them pay automatically?
Next time you are presented with an Exception item from this originator, select Pay and then complete the Authorization field to add a recurring authorization.
If I do not always know how much I should pay, but I prefer not to keep viewing the exceptions from an originator (example: IRS, State or Local Taxes), how do I make them pay automatically?
Next time you are presented with an Exception item from this originator, select Pay and then complete the Authorization field to add a recurring authorization. Establish the authorization with a higher threshold cushion of 10% or more so the transaction will pay. You can always view the exceptions paid through BOB Advantage by creating and viewing Reports for Exceptions and Decisions.
How do I view more information about a particular exception item?
When you are in the ACH Monitor Exception Detail screen, click on the Originator Name to view additional information like the Originator’s Company ID or the reference number for the transaction. You can use this information to contact the Originator to learn more information about this transaction.
Our office is going to be closed, what will happen to our exceptions?
ACH Monitor Exceptions items can be presented through BOB Advantage on any day in which the bank is open (excluding Saturdays). BOB Advantage can be accessed on any computer with internet access. You can also set up your alerts to email you when you have an exception to make managing exceptions easier. If no decision is submitted through BOB Advantage, the item will automatically return to the sender as unauthorized based on the instructions and thresholds you established.
What if I have multiple exception items for the same originator?
You will see these listed separately on the BOB Advantage screen. You must individually select if each item should be a Pay or a Return. If you would like to add a recurring authorization, you will see that option available next to the first exception from that originator.
Can I pay one item and return another item from the same originator?
Yes. Just select the Pay or Return option from the drop down menu for each item and follow the process to save your decision.
If I am on vacation, can my backup make pay/return decisions?
The Admin for your BOB Advantage account can add as many users as you like and enable additional users to have access to the ACH Monitor service. Anyone with the ACH Monitor and ACH Monitor Decision permissions can log into BOB Advantage to make pay/return decisions.
Under the Multiple Exceptions area of the ACH Monitor- Exception Detail screen, it appears that some of the transactions lumped together have different originator names, why is this?
If you click on the Originator Name you will see that each of these Originators share the same Originator ID, therefore future authorizations that you add will apply to any item received under the same Originator ID, regardless of Originator Name. Originators sometimes share their Originator ID’s with their various affiliated companies.
On my BOB Advantage homepage I have ACH Monitor Exceptions; however I do not see the ACH Monitor tab under Cash Management or the items are not listed when I click on ACH Monitor?
Please check with the Administrator for your BOB Advantage account because permissions have been removed from your user. To view Exceptions, you must have the ACH Monitor permission and to enter pay/return decisions, you must have the ACH Monitor Decisions permission for that account.
Can I set up a user to view exceptions and view the decisions but not enter any decisions?
Yes. Under the user’s cross account permissions, grant them ACH Monitor and ACH Monitor Exceptions. This will allow the user to view pending exceptions as well as the reports that display what decisions were entered, but they will not be able to make any changes or edits to decisions.
This account should never have an ACH item post to it, can I automatically return everything?
If you do not make a pay decision, the item will automatically return. We also offer a full block service which will automatically return any ACH item (debit and/or credit) without presenting it to you first as an exception. Contact your Business and Treasury Services Sales Representative for more information.
If I am a Full Block customer, am I required to be setup on BOB Advantage?
Yes. ACH Monitor is a fraud prevention service. We require ACH Monitor Total Block customers to periodically view transactions returned. That information can help you determine if there was an attempted breach to your account so you can take appropriate action.
What does it mean under reporting if the item says ’Return-Full Block’ under decision?
This means that particular account is set up to automatically return any ACH debit item that attempts to post and does not require you to make a pay or return decision. If you would like the opportunity to make a pay or return decision for items to that account, contact your Business and Treasury Services Sales Representative to change your service.
What does it mean under the report if it says ’Return-No Decision’?
This means that no decision was submitted prior to the daily cutoff time for that item and so it was automatically returned to the originator. Decisions must be submitted by 3:30 p.m. Eastern time to avoid items being automatically returned.
Can I view my ACH exceptions and check exceptions on the same screen?
If you are a Check Positive Pay customer and you already use BOB Advantage to view your check exception items under the Positive Pay tab that will not change. ACH Monitor exceptions will be loaded on the ACH Monitor tab. Both tabs, Positive Pay and ACH Monitor, are located within the Cash Management area of BOB Advantage.


Can I Return an item but still add a recurring authorization for that originator?
Yes. Select Return for that particular item and then complete the Authorization section to meet your criteria. Follow the steps to submit your decision and today’s exception will Return, but future items from that originator that meet your criteria will automatically pay.
Can I set a recurring authorization for less than the current transaction being presented?
Yes. When you opt to add an authorization, it applies to future transactions presented by that originator and does not affect the status of the current exception item.
Can I view authorizations that I have already set up on the system?
If you have entered the Authorization through BOB Advantage, you can utilize the Authorizations Report, found under Reporting, to see the authorization. The most current Authorization will be applied to pending transactions. If you requested to change an authorization or added an authorization before converting to BOB Advantage or through your banker, you will not be able to view those Authorizations on BOB Advantage.
How can I change an existing authorization?
If you are looking to increase an authorization amount, it is recommended that you wait until an item is presented as an exception and use that opportunity to approve the item to Pay and enter a recurring authorization and increase the authorization amount. If you are looking to decrease an authorization amount, or delete an existing authorization, contact Business Central at 1.866.FCB 4BIZ (1.866.322.4249).

General Information

My internet access is down, how can I make my ACH Monitor decisions?
Please try and gain access to the internet and make your decisions online. Contact your local branch to see if access is available there. If there is no way for you to log in before the 3:30 p.m. Eastern time cutoff, contact Business Central at 1.866.FCB 4BIZ (1.866.322.4249).
If I have more than one account on ACH Monitor, will I be able to access both accounts through BOB Advantage?
Yes. On BOB Advantage Basic you can access and manage up to 3 accounts with no additional charges. If you would like to access additional accounts you may want to consider BOB Advantage Plus. Please contact your local branch for more information.
What am I currently being charged for the ACH Monitor service?
Please contact your local branch or Business and Treasury Services Sales Representative for more information on your current ACH Monitor charges.
Is there a separate fee to access BOB Advantage?
If you are an existing BOB Advantage customer, no additional BOB Advantage fees are incurred.
Do I need a certain BOB Advantage package to access ACH Monitor?
No, ACH Monitor is an optional service available to all BOB Advantage users regardless of the BOB Advantage service package.

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